Potency No. 710 (Our Honest Review)

Potency No. 710 are a CBD skincare company based in the United States (although 710 is famously a day for cannabis concentrates). The company was founded by Mandy, who grew up understanding the benefits of marijuana for a range of ailments. She opened her first skincare clinic when she was just 20, and she has had a passion for natural, non-toxic products ever since. There is an interesting section on the website titled ‘Our Story’ which gives more background information and is well worth a read. We saw these guys featured in a number of publications online, so thought they’d be worth a full review. As always we’ll be taking a look at their products, customer service and reviews to see if they’re worth your time. Let’s get into it:

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What are the Potency No. 710 products like?


Potency No. 710 have a small but well put together range of CBD skincare products, similar to companies like CUBID CBD and CBD Guru. We generally like when a CBD company has a smaller range of products on offer because there is a tendency for companies to try and cram as much as possible into their store, but we prefer a company to focus on perfecting a handful of products. Interestingly, they have stuck with skincare rather than offering oils, capsules or vape products which many other companies do. 

Every product contains CBD alongside a variety of natural ingredients. including things like Vitamin C and Charcoal. CBD has been proven in various studies to be effective at treating a number of skin issues when applied topically, so it makes sense to include the compound in skincare products.
The product we like the look of best is The Gold Skin serum, which is a full-spectrum CBD product. It’s great to see a full-spectrum CBD beauty product that contains all of the plant goodness, rather than a product made with broad-spectrum CBD or isolate. This serum also contains over 20 other natural ingredients, including Vitamin E and Jojoba Oil. The below shows a before and after comparison of someone who used the serum:

What are the Potency No. 710 reviews like?

Potency No. 710 collect reviews on their product pages, which is quite useful as you can read reviews for specific products. There is also a testimonials page that includes reviews from satisfied customers. If you’re looking for reviews on a third-party platform, Potency No. 710 also collect reviewes on Facebook and on Google, where they’re currently sitting with a 5 star rating. Overall reviewers seem really happy with the products and customer service.

In Conclusion

We’ve started reviewing more CBD skincare companies recently because we’re seeing more evidence that CBD can be great for skin. If you’re interested in trying CBD skincare products then check these guys out! Here is their website and Instagram:




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