Ma CBD (Our Honest Review)

Ma CBD are a CBD company who mainly sell CBD vape oils. They’re based in London and have very quickly grown a great reputation for their range of CBD vaping products such as e-liquids and CBD Vape Pens (we have compiled a list of our favourites here)

We thought it would be useful to review this company as we wanted to see what all the fuss is about, so let’s get into the review:

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Ma CBD Product Overview

Ma CBD got their name because ‘Ma’ means hemp in Chinese, which we love. It’s a great brand name and has a cool backstory. Generally, the site is pretty easy to use and is not too badly designed, which is fine. However, it’s the products we’re most interested in the CBD drops/ oral oils. Ma CBD absolutely white label their products but suggest that the products are produced CO2 extraction, and they also source almost all of the hemp that they use to create their CBD oil products from US & Europe (according to the product description on the CBD oils themselves these are produced from European strains, while the Vape oils are mostly from the US).

Ma CBD Oils

Ma seem to have two CBD drops on offer – a 5% and a huge 20%. Both are indifferent bottles so we can only imagine that they are sourced from two different companies. You may expect that this is a bad thing, but it actually may show that the people behind Ma care much more about what is in the bottle, than the producer themselves.

Having a little look at the lab-reports it is clear that the 5% is a full spectrum oil as advertised and that it has a nice range of other cannabinoids. Although the 20% is also advertised as full spectrum, the lab-report says otherwise. You should always been dubious when an oil is marketed as full spectrum when it is above anything around 10%- it will either have too much THC or too little. In this case the oil has too little for us to consider it anything more than a broad spectrum. In saying that, it contains a nice mix of other cannabinoids and is clearly a very nice quality of oil.

The only real downside is that there isn’t a wide range of strengths. It seems strange to have a 5% and 20% but nothing in between. That is a huge jump in potency and doesn’t leave much room for the customer. But- Ma CBD are more serious about their vape oils which contains a huge range.

Vape oils

Generally- we are not too interested in vape oils as they are not great for general well-being, but are fantastic for an instant hit of CBD. Generally, the CBD is absorbed quicker but doesn’t last quite as long. In saying that, the effects are easy to feel.

What is really, really great about this range of CBD vape oils is their natural flavour profiles – rather than focusing on generic popular vape oil flavours, they have stayed true to the aroma of cannabis- they offer a range of terpene led flavours that do sound very appealing. It is amazing that you can get the cannabis experience while vaping away.

Their most popular products on the site are their CBD vape oils, however, they also seem to broadcast the fact that they have a THC oil which seems odd as we would imagine they’re not actually allowed to sell that. What we suspect is that they are still selling CBD vape oils that contain a little bit of THC, and using the THC vape as a marketing ploy. It only takes a tiny bit of THC to be active so if these vape oils do contain a little bit of THC then they will be MILES better than the CBD isolate alternatives out there.


What are the reviews like for Ma CBD?

There is no third party platform where Ma CBD are collecting reviews for their products, which we find a little frustrating as we’d be interested to see what others think of their products. At the very least we would hope that they’d add a review section on their Facebook page.

The company do have lots of reviews published on their website but they are for sure cherry picked at best, or completely fake at worst. There is no real way of knowing if the reviews are genuine when they are not found on a regulated 3rd party platform like Trustpilot.


What does Reddit think of Ma CBD?

Once again we could find absolutely nothing about Ma CBD on Reddit, which we find a little strange. We imagine that the reason these guys have exploded in popularity is due to the fact that they sell a range of CBD vape oils but also a THC oil.


In Conclusion

To conclude we’d say that these guys are a good choice if you’re looking for a CBD vape oil, however, before we could give them a really good rating we’d want to see far more reviews on platforms like Reddit and Trustpilot; this way we will get a much more realistic and genuine understanding of the quality of these products.






Harry is the primary writer at CBD Bible. He has been writing about CBD for more than 5 years and has had his writing featured on a number of high-profile publications. Find him on Twitter @CBDBibleUK