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CBD oil London - what are the best brands to buy from?

CBD oil London

CBD Oil in London is big business! With London is being the biggest city in the UK, it is obvious that some of the biggest CBD companies make their home in the city... but while they may be the biggest, they certainly may not be the best.

There are several, high profile CBD companies in London, and a few smaller players that are clearly making their mark on the industry. As London is the economic heart of the UK, you may find that a lot of the CBD oil producers in the city do not come from London itself - but that is certainly not a bad thing. The best is still the best right?

If you're into your CBD then you will be spoiled for choice. From the shop in the famous Camden market, to high street brands. Because there are so many of these companies popping up we wanted to write a little post to help you find the very best CBD oil in London, we have done some trying, testing and research.

What is CBD?

If you're new to CBD, don't worry. CBD (Cannabidiol) is a compound that is found in the Cannabis family of plants. It is one of over 120 Cannabinoids that are known by nature and can be found inside our bodies (Endocannabinoids), in plants such as olives, flax seeds & cannabis (Phytocannabinoids) and in a lab (Synthetic Cannabinoids). CBD has come into focus in recent years for having a huge impact on our well being and therefore, has become the fasted growing food supplement in the UK.
The form of CBD that can be found in London, is CBD oil. Which is where cannabinoids have been added to a carrier oil to make a tincture. Without further ado, what do we think is the best CBD oil in London?

Where to buy the best CBD oil products in London?

CBDiablo bottle


A very firm favourite CBD of ours is CBDiablo, who are currently offering fantastic value for money and quality CBD Oil in London. They have only recently moved their operations to London, and seem to be doing very well everywhere they go.

Their oils are 100% natural, organic and fully lab-tested  and are  affordable for what you get. Whats more, CBDiablo are more than a business, they are giving back to those suffering with mental health; 20% of the companies profits are going to support mental health causes to CALMzone, a London based male suicide company. The products themselves are very clearly produced with care and the little bag that you get is cute. The design is great and what is in the bottle is better.

The company do more than oils too, they also do CBD paste which is getting rave reviews online. The 500mg & 1000mg CBD oils have been created with a raw, full-spectrum hemp extract and hemp seed blend which take advantage of the Entourage effect, while the stronger CBD oils are produced using MCT oils which help the absorption rate of the 1500mg & the 2000mg CBD oils.


  • Value for money for stronger oils
  • Money goes to supporting mental health
  • All of the products have a fantastic reputation online


  • Strong Hempy taste that some love, but others hate for the lower oils.
  • Branding can be seen as alienating for some as it isn't your normal CBD brand.

loveburgh 250mg CBD Oil UK


Loveburgh are by far one of the highest rated CBD oils in the UK, and can be purchased in shops and pharmacies in London. With a unique mg percentage (nice nod to the famous date) and a lovely full-spectrum formula, this oil is nearly unrivalled.

This formula was also tested on, and featured, by the BBC; it came out as one of the best-rated oils in their range. Where Holland & Barret, Boots and other faltered, the 420mg oil shone through.

The only reason that this CBD oil is not further up the list is down to the taste. Although it does taste natural, the bitterness from the hemp is quite strong. You do get used to it, but it can be quite a shock. Completely worth it though!

LDN CBD logo


As far as we can see, LDN is one of the biggest CBD only shops that sells CBD oil in London. They have a physical location in the city, but also sell their range of products online. Alongside a range of other brands, they also sell a couple of their own branded products.

Both of the oral tinctures seem to be based in MCT oil (which is great for absorption) and the lab reports are published online. Having a look at the report is fairly telling, these oils do not seem to contain other minor cannabinoids which makes them seem like an isolated oil. They do however stock the Wee Hemp Co who sell full-spectrum oils... which in our opinion is a much less effective oil than a whole plant alternative.

For everybody in the UK there is such a thing as 'London price'. And for the price of a lot of CBD from London is a little bit of a shock for the rest of us. Consider that these have such a low level of 'other cannabinoids' and a high price. Not the best CBD oil in London we found.


  • Light tasting


  • Seems like Isolated CBD Oil
  • Quite pricey for what they are

In Conclusion

London is an excellent location for CBD oil and we're happy to see more CBD brands popping up every month. Definitely check out our above recommendations!

This guide was published by the CBD Bible team. We publish hundreds of guides every month, feel free to explore our website for more reviews and CBD guides.

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