The Wee Hemp Company CBD Review

The Wee Hemp Company feel like they popped out of nowhere, but they have been around in Aberdeen for over 2 years now. It is amazing how quickly CBD in Scotland has grown, and companies like this have been at the forefront of this growth. The company are based up in the north east of Scotland, yet their reach is as low as London.

We keep a close eye on the CBD industry in Scotland and the Wee Hemp Company took our interest due to the fact that it is ‘award winning’ and have a Gin range… More recently the company have expanded to selling CBD oils, Capsules, Coffee, tea and a Wee CBD balm pot. 

So, let us get into the haggis of this Wee Company; here is our Wee Hemp Company CBD Review.

About the Wee Hemp Company

It is very rare that you will find a company selling CBD that is built around family and feels so cosy. This is clearly a family venture and there has been a lot of love put into this project. The Wee team consists of 3 (including Mylo the dug), and the company is said to have been born from a long battle with Crohn’s Disease and a more resent diagnosis of Fibromyalgia. Two conditions that CBD is well known to help. With a million CBD companies, the Wee Hemp company defiantly do seem as though they have a lot of personality.

The brand itself looks pretty smart, and the labels looks, and feels quality. It is the perfect mixture of clinical and ‘medicinal’ while maintaining some humanity. In saying that, if I have to be REALLY picky then the Wee pun on their website/social media is way over used and gets a Wee bit annoying… it is almost too forced as a ploy to portray a cosy WEE family brand. It almost crosses the border of being genuine and a little contrived. But if you’re Scottish you’ll probably love this!

Looking at the business, you’d expect the team to have a background in marketing/ business. However this isn’t the case – both owners have backgrounds in the oil and gas industry. The brand is slick and there are a couple of really clever brand decisions that make the the Wee Hemp Company stand out. The team are also ‘multi-award’ winning (which is everywhere on the website) and unless you have a background in PR/ marketing, you may not know that awards are great for getting noticed, but mean very little in terms of actual product/ brand quality; what counts in this game is whether the CBD oils/ products do the talking! Let’s take a look. 

CBD Oil Review

When it comes to the CBD oils, they are lab tested, organic and available in both broad spectrum and full spectrum – hallelujah. The Wee Hemp Company CBD oil comes in 3 forms and strengths: 3% (300mg), 5% (500mg) and 10% (1000mg) MCT, and Hemp Oil tinctures. Firstly, the way they look is great. Classy, premium and designed as if it were on the shelf of an old-school ailment man/ chemist counter. I love it and is very clever! As for what the bottle contains, it comes up to the bar too. They do have strong hempy taste (some love, but others hate) but are certainly do their job and then some. I am almost 99% sure I know where these oils/ CBD products were sourced and they are a pretty safe bet when it comes to effective oils. I would certainly recommend the products on their merits (even as a CBD oil for dogs/pets). 

My personal favourite is the Hemp seed oil which is potent and really gave me an immediate nice felling of relief. I personally don’t mind the strong taste and think it relaxes me more. 

Compared to the competition in Scotland, and even in England, the prices are pretty fair. Customers are rewarded for their loyalty via a loyalty programme, they receive exclusive discounts if they’ve signed up to our newsletter

CBD Gin & Rum

When it comes to CBD, we are purist wannabees… and let’s be honest, CBD has reached ‘fad’ status. Me personally, upon seeing CBD gin/rum, my eyes fall out from the back of my head. Once I had recovered from my extreme eye rolling I did some digging. We were surprised to learn that actually, this looks like a great product.

Apparently, CBD may increase the effects of alcohol and make you much more sedated and sleepy; so potentially great if you are trying to unwind after a long day at work. It is also said to help protect your cells from damage caused by alcohol and lessen the chance of addiction. How provable this is, I have absolutely no idea but it makes sense. CBD could have the potential to counteract the effects of booze in terms of sleep disruption etc… I have heard of multiple people taking CBD before heading to bed after a bender and not waking up with a hangover. True story. 

The bottles themselves, once again, look great and seem as though they have the caliber of an outstanding gin (being a gin finalist)/ rum but there is only 10mg of CBD in a 50cl bottle (roughly 2%), and 1mg in one of the tiny ones. 

Scottish gin is certainly something to be proud of and a little hit of that wonderful hempy fragrance would make a fantastic flavour that I would lap up all day long. It is a fantastic idea that I know it will do well so I when I get a chance, I will certainly be getting a couple of the small bottles to try it out.

In Conclusion

In conclusion,  from what we can see on the website, and the products we have tried, the Wee Hemp Company are not a bad wee company at all- in fact, they look pretty awesome. There are very few companies who take the time to flesh out their ‘About Us’. You can feel the family, close nit feel that will certainly appeal to a lot of people, and their products are well sourced and effective. The Wee Hemp Company are clearly a passionate and clever team that have a love for Cannabis. 


Harry is the primary writer at CBD Bible. He has been writing about CBD for more than 5 years and has had his writing featured on a number of high-profile publications. Find him on Twitter @CBDBibleUK