Just CBD (Honest) Review

While we have been writing about CBD companies for several years, recently there seems to be a lot more money sloshing about. There are brands popping up all over media outlets and posting sponsored articles about themselves.

We found Just CBD through an article written in My London about the ‘Best CBD edibles on the market’. The article is an advert and the selection of CBD products has been made by David Barker who (in our opinion) is clearly a stooge.

Let’s get into the review:

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Just CBD Review

Who is Just CBD?

It seems that Just CBD have their base in London but are from the USA. Florida to be exact. We looked into the brand and found nothing but paid adverts, (potentially) fake Twitter accounts and a soulless about us page. As this is an honest review our honest opinion is that this is a corporate mess.

We noticed the article was published in the UK but it seems as though the website is in US Dollars. Strange.

Rather than writing about the company, the individuals behind the website or what makes Just CBD different, the about us page is another sales pitch. We need personality!

We also noticed that there are quite a few articles that are promoting Just CBD. We do not mind paid articles to promote CBD products but the articles are very clearly manipulative. The article is an advert and the selection of CBD products has been made by David Barker who is framed as a ‘health and CBD expert’. In a second article, it claims that he gives the lowdown on other brands and his selection is based on ‘ingredients and manufacturing’ and lab testing. 

If you look at the social media profiles attached to this person it is clear that David a stooge, and may not actually be a real person. This is just an account that reposts about Just CBD.

We found that the articles are online newspapers owned by ‘Reach PLC’, a very big marketing company. They are the same company to promote Blessed CBD. 

The whole thing isn’t particularly ethical and we feel that it reflects badly on this company. If they are happy to do this, then what else are they doing? 

The Company were sued in the USA too

About the Products

The just CBD store is packed full of all kinds of CBD products. From Cosmetics, bath bombs, vape cartridges and CBD oils. The main product here is their CBD edibles/ CBD gummies.

Although the gummies seem to be the most popular Just CBD product, we always like to start with the CBD oils and tinctures. This is because it is where most people start their CBD journey and the best all-around product. Looking at what is on offer, there are two oils: a ‘CBD tincture’ and a ‘full-spectrum CBD oil’.

The CBD tincture is an isolated CBD oil that explains the name ‘Just CBD’. After looking through a number of lab reports it seems that most of the products are also isolated CBD products. When a company claims that they offer the ‘best’ on adverts, and sells isolates you know it isn’t the best. The best products offer a wide range of other cannabinoids too. You can buy this oil for $34 (£24) which is cheap.

That brings us on to the ‘full-spectrum CBD Oil’. A full spectrum oil is where oil that contains a wide range of other cannabinoids, including THC. This oil does contain more of other cannabinoids but we’d say not really too much more. There is 0.03% THC in the product which is similar to most broad-spectrum products. You can buy 1000mgs for $54 (£38) which is very cheap.

While we suspect that these products will be ok, there is nothing that tells us to trust this brand and we’re a little put off by the price point, which is significantly lower than the UK average. Because we weren’t convinced we decided to look into the reviews.

Just CBD Reviews

It is a habit of ours to go looking for other reviews online for a company. Just CBD have a trustpilot profile which is less than complimentary. While they have pages, and pages of 5 star reviews on their website, the independent Trustpilot profile has 10 reviews. 

Many of the reviews claim they should not be trusted, the products were poor and the service was rude. In all fairness, if you read the reply to the review titled ‘awful gummies’ it is very rude, blunt and not what you expect from a reputable company. 

There are a number of good reviews on the platform too, but for us they are overshadowed buy the negative reviews. 


In Conclusion

If it looks like a waste of time, smells like a waste of time and sounds like one, then it most likely is. To look at from a far, the brand could be worth something but it only took a little bit of digging to find things we didn’t like the look of. 

If you ask us, we’d say avoid like the plague. That is our honest opinion. 

If you’d like our honest recommendations for CBD in the UK you know where to go. 


Harry is the primary writer at CBD Bible. He has been writing about CBD for more than 5 years and has had his writing featured on a number of high-profile publications. Find him on Twitter @CBDBibleUK