Hempxtra CBD (Honest Review)

Based in the US, Hempextra are a really interesting company that we have taken a little interest in. We usually like to review UK based companies but this one stood out for a couple of unusual reasons that we will draw out in a little bit. So, let us dive right into what makes Hempxtra so xtra:


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Who are Hempxtra?

Hempxtra are mainly a CBD company who provide a wide range of CBD oils, edibles, cosmetics, vape pens and creams- all of which are infused with American grown hemp extract from farmers in Colorado (who are experts in Cannabis/Hemp genotypes). The cross-breeding process ensured that the hemp grown had the highest potency of CBD (which is then CO2 extracted) and are now used in the Hempxtra products.

The website also seems to have a wealth of information around health and well being, which seems to be a huge part of their online presence. There is so much information on the website that it seems almost like a blog rather than a shop! All we know is that the people behind the company know a fair amount about cannabinoids and other botanicals.

Their Products

Now, what makes the Hempxtra CBD oil so interesting is the fact that they think about way more than CBD. Hemp oils with CBD are great, but how do you get a little xtra from the formula?

While many companies are happy with just having a carrier oil infused with CBD, Hempxtra CBD oil contains a whole range of other natural and beneficial essential oils. Their oil contains Hemp seed oil, coconut oil, hemp extract oil (which contains the CBD content) stevia extract (another beneficial botanical) and essential oils from fruit (lemon, strawberry, mint).

We had a laugh at the Hempxtra CBD oil for pets which is bacon flavoured! Our office dog is going to love this. Bacon flavour CBD oil should be made compulsory for all CBD oils, including those for people! We love it and really want to try it out for ourselves!

The only gripe that we have is pretty much the same from most companies we review: the product description mentions ‘full cannabinoid & terpene’ profile- yet also says that it is THC free.

Other Reviews

The company do not have very many reviews on platforms such as Trustpilot but do have a wealth of positive reviews from platforms such as Yelp and Google. The vast majority of which are positive and cite the qualuty of product and service.

If you are looking at the Google review section, there is one review which stands out.

We thought that we would not feature this review because Hempxtra actually dealt with this very well. A person clearly wanted a refund for good that had been used and damaged goods. They resorted to calling the police (which everybody knows will get you nowhere for a refund and is a massive waste of police time). Hempxtra responded in a polite and firm way to make the point that they had done everything they could to help the customer. Every company gets difficult customers and this negative review actually doesn’t harm the company at all in our opinion.


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