Hempen (Our Honest Review)

Hempen review

Hempen are a CBD company based in the UK (in Oxfordshire to be precise). The company owns a farm in the Hardwick Estate, where they have grown their own hemp since 2015. The company are no longer growing hemp on their farm since 2016 due to restrictions, however they no collaborate with organic farmers to source the hemp for their products. These guys insist on growing the best hemp possible, plus they're a not for profit. So far so good right? But let's get into the full review. As always we'll be taking a look at their products, customer service and reviews to see if they're worth your time. Let's get into the review:

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What are the Hempen products like?

Hempen have a pretty refined product range, and we really don't have an issue with that. We love to see a company focus all of their efforts on a small selection of products rather than try to stock everything under the sun. The main product that we'll be focusing on is their range of oils, because we believe that oils are the best and most effective way to consume CBD. All of the Hempen oils are listed as full spectrum, which means they contain the full spectrum of cannabinoids (including a small legal amount of THC). We mostly prefer to consume full spectrum CBD products wherever possible because we enjoy benefiting from the "entourage effect" they provide. What is always most important to us when see full spectrum products is to ensure that the company includes lab reports so we can see what's inside the product. Luckily Hempen include their lab reports within the main navigation of their website. This makes them nice and easy to find which we love to see. Hempen have CBD oils available in concentrations ranging from 2.5% to 20%, a great range to work within (we typically recommend anything about 10% but it's nice to have the options of 2.5% and 5%). These aren't the cheapest oils we've seen but nor are they the most expensive. Besides, being a little on the pricey side is no issue as far as we're concerned provided that the product is good quality. Overall, it's a big tick for their oils. 

If oils aren't your thing, Hempen do have a few other products you can check out. For example, they have a tea which is made from the stems of the hemp plant. If you haven't tried hemp/CBD tea, and you enjoy a cuppa, we recommend you try it. It's a great way to top up your cannabinoid intake alongside products like oils and pastes. We wouldn't recommend only consuming hemp tea to meet all of your CBD intake needs, however when consumed in conjunction with other CBD products it can be great.


What are the Hempen reviews like?

Hempen Trustpilot reviews  

Hempen have only recently joined Trustpilot so they only have 1 review on there which we've included above. However they do also collect reviews using Facebook and Google so that's great. We prefer to see reviews on platforms like Trustpilot because the purchases can be verified, however it's still good to see a few reviews on other websites. Most users seem really happy with the customer service and products offered by Hempen, and overall they've got a near perfect rating. Great to see!


In Conclusion

Overall we're super impressed with Hempen and like the fact that they are focused on trying to sell products using their own hemp.


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