CBD Oil Merchant Processing UK

CBD Oil Merchant Processing UK & CBD Friendly Payment Gateways

Finding a reliable CBD friendly payment gateway, or merchant account is one of the biggest issues facing CBD companies. All of us know the fear of waking up in the morning dreading that email telling you that your Paypal or Stripe account to be cancelled. Well, we are here to solve that kind of CBD related problems and answer some of your questions

Why are CBD friendly merchant accounts hard to find?

As you should be aware, CBD is taken from Hemp which is part of the Cannabis family of plants. Cannabis is seen as an illegal and holds years of stigma based on the effects of THC, a psychoactive compound found in cannabis. While CBD has been legal since 2016, THC still remains illegal. Partly due to the illegality of some aspects of cannabis, CBD is still considered a ‘high risk’ product & industry, and some payment gateways/ banks are not comfortable with providing their services.

To add to this, there are some merchant accounts who do accept payment for ‘high risk’ industries, however they charge over the odds for the privilege. Obviously, there is a reason why these payment gateways are more expensive, but some are taking the biscuit. You need a CBD friendly payment gateway that charges a reasonable price.

CBD Friendly Banks

When it comes to CBD friendly banks, you usually find that most do not have an issue with taking the money, or supplying a merchant account for you shop. A lot do not provide a gateway for your website. This is something we can certainly help with.

CBD Friendly payment Gateway

We can help you with a payment gateway for a ‘high risk’ industries. Get in touch and let us know what you need!

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