250mg CBD Oil by Loveburgh (2.5% CBD)

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  • Organic & Full-Spectrum
  • 2.5% CBD Content
  • Lab-tested
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Loveburgh 250mg CBD Oil (2.5% CBD Oil)

The Loveburgh 250mg CBD Oil is becoming the fastest growing starter oil in the UK. Not only is it renowned for its exceptional quality, but its value for money too. It is the ideal CBD oil for starters and has a great raw CBD/CBDa formula that isn’t too strong to taste. This oil has been created to contain a huge range of naturally occurring cannabinoids, terpenes, waxes, and amino acids.  If you are looking for a 250mg CBD Oil UK, you do not get any better than this.

The Loveburgh CBD oil is one of the most repurchased CBD oils that we know of and we are happy to include their products on our list of top ten best CBD oils in the UK. They have been included on the BBC as a trusted supplier and their brand is loved right across the country.

We have included this product based on its popularity with real-world customers, and we are really, really happy to be referring you to buy 250mg CBD oil from HerCBD who support sufferers with endometriosis across the UK and the world. It is a great cause that we are really happy to support.

This 250mg CBD oil is organic, lab-tested, natural and true full spectrum. It is a whole-plant based oil which means that it is jam-packed with everything that hemp has to offer- this means a very wide range of naturally occurring cannabinoids, terpenes, waxes and amino acids. When you take this oil you can feel the impact right away, and it definitely feels much stronger than some 500mg, or 1000mg CBD oils out there. That feeling is 100% down to the quality of the oil, the purity of the hemp used and the entourage effect.

How to use the Loveburgh CBD Oil

Like all CBD oils, you should take this one sublingually- but like all whole plant oils, it has a very strong and bitter taste that some people hate. It would be best to keep your tongue as still as you can and then wash the hemp away with a whole glass of water. This will mean that you get all the goodness, a good amount of hydration and you shouldn’t taste a thing!


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