Loveburgh 1500mg CBD Oil (15% CBD)


1500mg Loveburgh CBD Oil (15% CBD Oil)

Once again, the guys at Loveburgh have smashed it out of the park. 1500mg of CBD suspended in organic MCT oil doesn’t get more sexy, or tasty, or effective. Most stronger oils seem to become lighter and contain less of the plant than they really should. A lot of the stronger oils that we encounter are all but isolated CBD products- which contain a very high percentage of CBD, but almost nothing else. Not even terpenes.  What is great about the Loveburgh oils is that they have made sure that their stonger oils are just as effective as their lower strength oils.

So, the formula has been produced to contain the same naturally occurring terpenes and some plant-based lipids. It also contains CBD & CBG. The main selling point of this oil (and why you should maybe think about buying the Loveburgh 1500mg CBD oil over another 1500mg CBD oil) is down to the fact that is is in MCT oil. MCT is absorbed very easily by the body so the bioavailability of the CBD goes up. So, because you can’t make the most of the entourage effect with stronger oils, Loveburgh has given their CBD the very best formula they can. Wonderful people.

Loveburgh CBD Oil

Loveburgh do not sell their products themselves, they are simply a wholesaler, and therefore you must purchase their oils through a retailer. We have decided to refer you to HerCBD which is an ethical retailer who gives money to women’s causes across the globe. Be in the knowledge that you are buying an amazing CBD oil and supporting positive change in the UK.


The 10ml bottle contains: Cannabis Stavia Oil made with Hemp Flower Extract & organic Coconut MCT Oil

How to Use the oil

The most effective ways to take the Loveburgh 1500mg CBD oil is as follows:
  1. -4 drops then and hold the oil under your tongue for up to 60 seconds before swallowing x2
  2. Place onto the skin and gently massage for 1-2 minutes.

1500mg CBD Oil UK


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