CBD Oil 20% / 2000mg

If you like your CBD strong, then a 20% CBD oil will be more than enough to get you going in the morning or to set you up to sleep late at night. When it comes to high strength CBD oils, the 20% / 2000mg oils are some of the most popular. This is partly down to the fact that the price of the oil is still affordable and it does not need to be contained in a huge bottle.

CBD oil at this concentration are particularly potent and are usually used by those who seem to need a high dose, or for those who use CBD oil for a medical condition. Many feel as though the stronger oils have more of an immediate effect rather than a subtle background improvement. The huge hit of 2000mgs of CBD is more than enough to keep even the most CBD hungry people happy.

There are more than a few big companies who produce a CBD oil 20% / 2000mgs or more and we would like to shine a light on some of our favourite brands.

We have included what we see as the best 20% (2000mg) CBD oil that can be bought online. They are all ethically sourced, lab tested and we have tried and tested them.

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