Loveburgh 600mg CBD Oil (6% CBD)

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  • 6% CBD Content
  • Lab-tested
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600mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil (6% CBD Oil)

The Loveburgh 600mg CBD oil is a strong, effective and very potent oil. It is certainly not for the faint-hearted. There are very few oils that contain 600mg and feel as though they feel double that. This was the first of the Loveburgh range that we tried and it was unlike anything that we had tried before- it was amazing. The Loveburgh 600mg CBD oil contains a naturally occurring set of terpenes, cannabinoids and natural waxes that

The Loveburgh 6% CBD oil is organic, lab-tested, natural and true full spectrum. It is a whole-plant based oil which means that it is jam-packed with everything that hemp has to offer- this means a very wide range of naturally occurring cannabinoids, terpenes, waxes and amino acids. When you take this 600mg CBD oil you can feel the impact right away, and it definitely feels much stronger than some 500mg, or 1000mg CBD oils out there. That feeling is 100% down to the quality of the oil, the purity of the hemp used and the entourage effect.

Loveburgh do not sell their products themselves, they are simply a wholesaler, and therefore you must purchase their oils through a retailer. We have decided to refer you to HerCBD which is ethical cause that sells the 6% CBD oil by the truckload. Be in the knowledge that you are buying an amazing CBD oil and supporting positive change in the UK.

How to use the Loveburgh CBD Oil

Like all CBD oils, you should take this one sublingually- but like all whole plant oils, it has a very strong and bitter taste that some people hate. It would be best to keep your tongue as still as you can and then wash the hemp away with a whole glass of water. This will mean that you get all the goodness, a good amount of hydration and you shouldn’t taste a thing!

Benefits of Raw CBD Oil

There are many out there, including us, who much prefer the products that are produced to replicate how CBD is found in nature. This means lots of cannabinoids, some terpenes and natural amino acids. What makes an oil raw, is the fact that it contains a high percentage of CBDa, which is known as the acid precursor of CBD- and is broken down into CBD through either synthesis in the plant or decarboxylation. CBDa differs very slightly from CBD, but the major difference is that we know significantly more about CBD than we know about CBDa. Yet, CBDa has been found to attach much more readily to the CB1 receptors of the Endocannabinoid System, while CBD seems to bounce between the CB1 & CB2.

This oil also contains a wide range of other chemicals which go towards improving the way our bodies use cannabinoids, most famously, terpenes change the way that our body takes Cannabinoids. It is why different strains of cannabis (which have the same cannabinoid profile) have different characteristics. This raw CBD oil is full of naturally occurring terpenes and plant matter which has a huge impact on the final results. When you try this out, you will see.


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