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Sex is the most oversold 'product' out there, and let's face it sex sells. I suppose that is why it is so overused. So we here at CBD Bible decided to do a little digging and see why there has been an explosion in products which offer CBD for sex and we are going to see if these products are legit.

CBD for Sex

Apparently, CBD for sex has some truth behind it. Several studies have been done to assess what impact CBD has on sex. A recent article by CBDiablo goes into a little more detail about the findings from a study which showed that people actually did have some benefit from using CBD... although most people who were studied said that they felt nothing different. I won't spell out the finer details of the article because you should have a read of it yourself- it is actually quite an interesting read.

In essence, a lot of women felt as though they had less pain/ irritation (especially for older women) and men lasted longer. This was put down to the overall reduction in sexual anxiety which may cause a lot of the frustration in the bedroom. Which makes perfect sense seeing as though CBD has been linked with benefiting symptoms of anxiety and depression.

CBD Lube

If you were diligent and read the findings from the linked article, you will have read that vaginal pain, discomfort and dryness are the main reasons why women do not enjoy sex. Lubes have been used to aid this for yonks and come in a variety of disturbingly inaccurate flavours and can make you feel things... like tingles.

Some clever clogs has been able to infuse CBD into the lubricants so that it can be applied topically. Just as if you were using a CBD cream or balm, the cannabinoid is absorbed directly into the skin and the cells surrounding. The idea is that the compounds will attach to the receptors of the Endocannabinoid System and support a couple of key symptoms of painful sexual experience- pain & inflammation. So, we have a nice lubricant which can soothe away a little bit of irritation. Makes sense, right?

CBD Condoms

Funnily enough, CBD condoms have been about for a while. They have come across from the US and have been praised as the cure for the premature climax, and relief for women. The idea is that the condoms have been laced with a lubricant, infused with CBD, that can revolutionise the way we have safe sex. As far as products related with CBD for sex, these are among the most ridiculous things I have seen. For a start, unless I am strange, a condom goes on as quickly as possible and comes off as quickly once the business is done. Unless you stand about for a bit and let your junk bask in glorious CBD covered latex, then you are very unlikely to get any benefit whatsoever.

It is very well known that CBD is best taken low and slow over time so that your body can get used to it, so a once-off, flash in the pan CBD condom will be a complete waste of money. I do feel as though the jury is still out when it comes to THC infused condoms but I will reserve judgement if/when they become legal in the UK. Right now if you are going to do anything, it seems like a normal CBD oil or paste will do just fine.

CBD Oil & Viagra

Strangely, one of the most searched terms related to CBD for sex, is CBD oil & Viagra. Unlike the CBD lube and CBD condom, it seems that this is taken orally. I think the interested in CBD oil and Viagra has something to do with the association between cannabis (THC present) and sex, but with the prohibition of THC in the UK, the facts have somewhat been lost in translation.

The saying is that getting high before or after sex is meant to enhance the experience dramatically. Viagra is a well known sexual stimulant which helps with ones performance and longevity, so I assume what people are looking for is an answer to boosting their prowess. Once again, I honestly feel that this is a little misleading. While CBD for sex may have some indirect impact on your experience, there is very little evidence to suggest that it is anything concrete. I think due to the connection that cannabis has with CBD, some may think it is the same. So CBD oil & Viagra may work for you, but it certainly won't blow the sheets of the bed if you know what I am saying.

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In Conclusion

CBD lube can be a fantastic addition to the bedroom and we recommend you give it a shot!

This guide was published by the CBD Bible team. We publish hundreds of guides every month, feel free to explore our website for more reviews and CBD guides.

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