The Goods CBD (Honest Review)

The Goods have been around for a long time and have been making waves since the beginning of the CBD market. We’ve enjoyed The Goods CBD products for a while but never considered writing a full review. It was mainly because at the time we were focusing on CBD oils, rather than products which fall into the ‘recreational’ space.

Now that the CBD industry is moving towards recreational brands, we thought we’d spend some time digging deeper into the company and doing a full review.

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Let’s get into it.

Who Is Behind the Company?

The Goods is a recreational brand that is part of the ‘Winchester MD’ group which is behind a few of the biggest CBD brands (Including hemp elf & Leefy) in the UK. We’d previously seen the ‘about us’ page which detailed the members of the team, and included Marti (head at the Good) and his father – who worked in finance and has invested in the whole entity. The about us pages seem to have since been removed and the only detailed information about the company is on the goods website itself.

The Goods is run by a small team headed up by two co-founders: Marti and Arta.

In short, The Goods is a recreational lifestyle brand that sells all manner of vapes, extracts, merch and accessories, and more recently CBD flower (hemp flower). What makes the brand stand out is its innovative marketing, sleek branding and unique range of products. You’re likely to find them stocked in headshops, online retailers and on their own website.


The Goods CBD Review

This is going to be a hard review to write because we’ve tried so many of The Good CBD products over the years that we don’t know where to start.


The Goods CBD Pre-Rolls

Maybe with the pre-roll. The Goods sell a selection of terpene-infused CBD pre-rolls made from a bunch of botanicals. While they are not made with hemp, the joints contain CBD crystals and terpenes which make them cannabis imitations. The first thing you notice is how cool the packaging is: it is a glass tube with a child-resistant lid. Once you peel off the seal you can smell the terpenes right away.

To smoke the joint is not like smoking hemp. Nowhere near. But that is not to say it wasn’t really enjoyable. We smoked half and got a really big CBD hit from it that lasted for a couple of hours. The strain that hit the most was Zkittlez which left a heaviness behind the eyes. The flavour was very subtle but definitely fruity, spicey and identifiable as Zkittlez.

In all honesty, while we wouldn’t want to spend £10 regularly on the pre-rolls, they are a good alternative to smoking if you’re on a T break, or want to cut down on your tobacco usage.


The Goods Vapes

We have also used many of The Goods CBD vapes. Some stock standards and others were limited edition. The style, the feel and ease of use of the disposables make them one of the best CBD disposables that we have ever used. And the flavours aren’t bad either.

It goes without saying that there are vapes with better flavours and use higher-grade terpenes, but compared to like-for-like products, it is safe to say that the goods are leading even the likes of Orange County CBD. Another great part of the Goods is that they are always innovative with their strain profiles and flavours.

The Service In General

The final aspect we’d like to talk about is the service you receive from the Goods CBD. While most of it is automated from the website, each customer step has had thought put into it. From the little puns to the personal marketing emails (including a follow-up if you haven’t ordered in a while) and the general feeling of ‘fun’ surrounding the brand makes them much more accessible than others.

The website is very easy to use and almost faultless. While at points the experience can feel a little corporate the service, in general, is mostly fun and clever marketing.

In all, we have very little negative to say at all.


Harry is the primary writer at CBD Bible. He has been writing about CBD for more than 5 years and has had his writing featured on a number of high-profile publications. Find him on Twitter @CBDBibleUK