The CBD Connect (Our honest review)

The CBD Connect

The CBD Connect is an online CBD business based in the UK. We first heard about these guys after looking online for some obscure CBD products and seeing their website pop up. We were impressed so decided to take a deeper look and conduct a review. We'll be looking at their product range and a few other things, let's get into it:


One or two of the products listed on CBD Connect are featured in our list of the Best CBD Oil from the UK (<— this is our list of the best we have tried)

Who is The CBD Connect?

There is a useful 'About Us' section right in the middle of the homepage that explains a bit about the team behind The CBD Connect. The team have been involved in CBD for a decade, giving them a huge resource of knowledge to pull from. Apparently it wasn’t until a family member spoke of the pain relief that CBD brought to her arthritis that the idea for The CBD Connect began.

We think it's amazing to see a brand that have been involved in CBD for so long - most have only been around for a few years. This gives The CBD Connect team a massive advantage over their competitors.


What are the The CBD Connect products like?

The CBD Connect stock products from a range of CBD brands, including a number of our favourite brands that we have reviewed very positively.

But it's not just the variety of brands that we're impressed with, it's also the variety of product types - yes we've got the usual suspects like oils and CBD capsules (similar to CBD chewing gum), but there are also some products that we don't see too often elsewhere such as CBD coffee syrups, honey sticks and even products for pets!

Let's start with the oils as that is what we'd typically use. The CBD Connect have chosen to include oils from brands such as CBDfx, CBDistillery and Love CBD. Regular readers of our blog will be familiar with these brands, but for anyone who hasn't heard of them be assured that they rank among the best in the UK. It's worth buying from The CBD Connect if you can as they have very competitive prices.

If you're not a fan of oils then capsules and edibles can be a great alternative - luckily The CBD Connect have a load of options here too, including a brand that we hadn't heard of before - Cannamedica. The great thing about these capsules is that they don't just include CBD (alongside other beneficial cannabinoids like CBDa), they also contain other natural compounds that provide further benefits. For example, the 'Gut Instinct' capsules contain angelica root and chamomile for added gut benefit.

The edibles are where the really interesting stuff pops up - we mentioned the coffee syrup already which looks like a great product, but also have to give a mention to the SunState brand products which can be hard to find here in the UK.

Overall we love the variety on offer here and recommend you explore it yourself.

Anything else to mention?

Yes actually - information! There is lots of great information on the The CBD Connect website, including a fantastic 'About CBD' guide that is well worth a look. When you're buying CBD you always want to feel like you're buying from experts, and that's exactly the sense you get when you're on their website.

The CBD Connect

In Conclusion

Buying CBD can be complicated so it's always great to head to a website that has a number of options curated by experts. Definitely check out The CBD Connect!