THC Vape Juice UK | What is THC E-Liquid & Can I Buy It in the UK?

So, you're looking for a stylish, easy and subtle way to consume your dose of cannabinoids? Well, a beautiful big rig and blooms of terpene-rich smoke is absolutely one of the best ways to take you daily dose. While most of the time we like to talk about CBD, there is a growing trend of 'THC Vape Oils' on the market. Most of them are coming across from the USA.

The THC E-Liquid is a quick, easy and clean was to take a big hit on the go, without needing roll-ups or a big bit of glassware. If you are a recreational smoker, you enjoy the occasional cannabis or CBD pre-roll, or you use Cannabis for a medical reason, for sure a THC rich vape oil can be a very quick and effective solution for when you are out and about. So, what is a THC vape juice and can they actually be purchased in the UK?

A little heads up before you continue reading - unless you purchase the THC Vape juice illegally, no company in the UK will sell THC vape products. There will defiantly be vape products which contain THC though. 

There is so much more to vaping cannabis than THC though, you can, buy strain flavoured Cannabis vape concentrates or a full-spectrum weed vape pens.

We tried this CBD dab/vape cartridge recently and it was so strong it almost felt like we were high. We also enjoyed the cartridge from CBD life despite it being much weaker.  


What is a THC Vape Juice?

Pretty simple and exactly what it says on the bottle – a vape oil on its own only contains 3 main ingredients: nicotine (optional), Vegetable Glycerine (VG) and Propylene Glycol (PG). These are often infused with flavouring (including amazing natural plant terpenes) and they can be supercharged by beneficial active ingredients such as cannabinoids.

CBD vape oils are one of the most common consumption methods and have been around since the very beginning in 2016. More recently you can find a whole range of weird and wonderful cannabis-infused, flavoured or cannabis branded vape products. The market is still a bit of roulette but there are some fantastic options out there.



We have the ability to read the future where cannabinoid vape oils are concerned; all we need to do is look across the pond into the US market. While we can find 'full spectrum' vape oils, most of them are fake (isolated CBD) or do not contain any THC at all. This is partly down to the way that these oils are produced. The US are developing true full spectrum Vape oils which contain a large amount of THC. Once the THC vape juice is heated by the vape kits internal coil, the THC compounds are vapourised into a thick cloud of smoke which is rich in the psychoactive compounds. Unlike smoking where a lot of what you're breathing in is burnt plant matter, and damaged compounds, the vape oil is clean and pure. It can be a huge immediate hit.

The second benefit is that you can quite happily toke away, enjoying the relief without anybody knowing it. The vape oils can be discrete so you can walk about and not get awkward looks.

Another great thing about THC Vape Juice is that it is very potent. You get quite a big hit all at once. The oils are usually quite concentrated and contain high levels of THC which can cause some concern for some governing bodies. There is potential that very high doses can be delivered at once and could actually be dangerous. We'd suggest that you maybe go for a more natural product, like a THC rich concentrate rather than a PG and VG concoction made in somebody's bathtub. You generally have zero ideas how strong the oil actually is or whether the cannabinoid should be consumed this way. We'd say that choosing a vape product closer to the plant itself is smarter and safer.

Where Can I find THC Vape E-Liquid in the UK?

While things are changing, you can't buy THC E-liquid legally In the UK legally. Even having them on your person will be breaking the law and if you do manage to buy them, you have almost no idea what you are consuming. It may be advised to simply wait until the THC vape oils are legal. We are also aware that there are a few companies who are selling what is branded as 'THC vape oil' but it is not. A vape oil which contains less than 0.2% THC is not going to have the effect that you may be expecting. It is a lie. These vape oils are pretty much just CBD vape oils that have been rebranded to cause a buzz around them. Do not be fooled.

If you simply cannot wait for the THC vape juice in the UK. We have a few recommendations. You could try some CBD concentrates to dab or to put into a specially designed vape pens. You can buy them very easily in the UK and they are completely legal. More often than not, the concentrates are naturally flavoured using Cannabis terpenes so they taste like the real thing. They only contain CBD however, you get a great feeling from them.

Secondly, there are plenty of youtube tutorials which explain how to decarboxylate some cannabis bud so that you can infuse the raw vape oil ingredients. This may be a much better way of producing a vape oil than buying online from an unverified website online. The tutorials are fairly easy to follow so once you get some practice, you'll be able to produce some amazing homemade oils.


Harry is the primary writer at CBD Bible. He has been writing about CBD for more than 5 years and has had his writing featured on a number of high-profile publications. Find him on Twitter @CBDBibleUK