Strava Craft Coffee (Our Honest Review

Strava Craft Coffee are a US based CBD coffee company. We’ve reviewed lots of companies who sell CBD tea (like Hope CBD), and a handful of companies selling CBD coffee. Although they’re based in the states, it’s still a product worth getting your hands on if you can. We thought it would be a good idea to review these guys, so we’ll be taking a look at their product range, reviews and customer service to see if they’re worth your time. Let’s get into the review:


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What are the Strava Craft Coffee products like?

Strava Craft Coffee have 6 different coffees on offer, with a medium roast and a dark roast, plus a decaf option. You can choose from 4mg, 10mg or 20mg of CBD per serving (per cup basically), which is an awesome amount of CBD to get in a cup of coffee.

Better yet, all these CBD coffee products have lab reports you can take a look at for peace of mind. Also, you can buy either ground coffee or whole beans (if you’re the kind of person who can be bothered to grind beans every time you want a cuppa, hats off to you).


What are the Strava Craft Coffee reviews like?

We found a bunch of really positive reviews for Strava Craft Coffee on Facebook and Google, most of which were 5 stars of course. You’ll also find lots of reviews on the product pages of the website that you can check out.
Also if you take a look at the Strava Craft Coffee website you’ll see a page full of positive reviews, also showing where the company have been featured in the press. 
A great idea is to add a cannabis twist to your strava coffee with a cannabis terpene syrup

In Conclusion

We’ve not always been big fans of CBD coffee, but clearly the issue we had was that we were trying the wrong brands. Once we tried Strava Craft Coffee we realised that there are plenty of CBD coffee brands out there which are worth your time. Check them out!
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