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Updated July 17th 2021

Cannabis & Coffee are a match made in heaven: it is why CBD coffee and even cannabis flavoured syrups are being produced en masse.

CBD Coffee is something that we have reviewed a number of times across our blog now. We've reviewed CBD coffee from brands such as Strava Craft Coffee, Pothead Coffee and we've also got a review of Cheerful Buddha.

What we've never really explored though is whether or not CBD coffee is actually worth consuming. After all, coffee snobs are often so precious about their morning coffee that they're unwilling to add anything to it, especially not something as strong tasting as CBD. So this all begs the question - is CBD coffee actually worth consuming, or should you just consume your coffee and your CBD separately? Here are our thoughts:


What are the benefits of consuming CBD and coffee together?
What are the effects of CBD coffee?
Where to buy CBD coffee in the UK?


What are the benefits of consuming CBD and coffee together?

The main reason you'd want to consume CBD Coffee is because the CBD and coffee work together to form a potent product. Sadly you can't just add drops of CBD oil into your hot coffee, but luckily there are brands out there creating CBD coffee that doesn't just destroy all of the great properties of the CBD. Consuming some caffeine alongside your cannabinoids can really give you a kickstart in the morning. Here are some other reasons you might want to start your day with a cup of CBD coffee:

It makes consuming CBD easier

Consuming CBD in paste or oil form can be a bit messy, plus the taste isn't always that nice (especially not first thing in the morning). Drinking CBD coffee means you get all the benefits of CBD without the hempy taste that many people don't enjoy.

It reduces the negative effects of coffee

Coffee is great and we're big coffee drinkers, but too much of the black stuff and you'll probably do more harm than good. Coffee can cause anxiety when too much is consumed, but by combining your coffee with CBD, you can lessen the negative effects such as anxiety.   Hopefully this guide has given you the inspiration to go and try some CBD coffee brands and see if it works for you!

What are the effects of CBD coffee?

Simply put, CBD coffee will help you feel focused and feel less tired without the jitters that you might feel with normal coffee. The effects will differ from person to person, but most people will feel alert with feeling anxious.


Now let's get into our CBD coffee brand recommendations - we've tried a variety of CBD coffee from companies in the UK, and we think we've managed to round up our favourite brands. Let's get into it:

What is the best CBD coffee to buy in the UK?

Pot Head CBD Coffee

Pot Head Coffee

There are so many Pot Head Coffee products that could have made it to the top of our best CBD coffee page. The brand currently have 6 of the best cannabis coffees on the market.

It is very clear that the company are extremely serious about their coffee, and adding CBD has given their brand a huge boost.

Each cup of coffee from Pot Head Coffee contains 10mg of broad-spectrum CBD, which is a good dosage. There are even lab reports on the website for their coffee, which is excellent to see. Definitely our favourite UK brand in terms of flavour, quality and all-around amazingness. Tell them CBD Bible sent you!

How much? From: £14.95 per 100g bag

Cold brew CBD coffee

My Lifeline CBD bold brew coffee

Summer is coming fast and you might be more inclined to start your day with a cold coffee rather than a warm one. Luckily, My Lifeline is an excellent CBD cold brew coffee brand that you can check out. Available in 3 delicious flavours (all made with natural ingredients), each bottle contains 20mg of CBD - a perfect morning dose. If you sleep in a little bit and miss your morning coffee then don't worry! You can mix your My Lifeline cold brew with your favourite spirit and enjoy it in the evening. Check this brand out.

How much? From £33 for a box of 6

Canniant CBD coffee


Canniant infuse their coffee with hemp flowers, providing a full range of cannabinoids and other plant goodness. The blend is 90% arabica and 10% robusta, giving a smooth taste to the coffee. What we love most about this coffee is that the lab reports are provided on the product page - awesome! Definitely check this coffee out.

How much? From £9.99 for a pack of coffee pods

Strava Craft CBD coffee

Strava Craft

Strava Craft are based in the US, but their products are available to be bought here in the UK. They have 6 different coffees available to buy through their website, with decaf options available too. You can choose from 4mg of CBD, 10mg of CBD or 20mg of CBD per serving (per cup basically), so that's a very good dosage. Definitely check this brand out if you're looking for a solid cup of CBD coffee.

How much? From £14.99 per bag

Cheerful Buddha CBD coffee

Cheerful Buddha

Cheerful Buddha are probably the most popular brand of CBD coffee in the UK at the moment. You can actually buy their CBD coffee from Holland and Barrett (online), so since being stocked there the brand has really blown up in popularity. We tried it and found it to be pretty solid, not our favourite brand but certainly a good option.

How much? From from £11.95 per bag

Calm drinks CBD iced coffee

Calm Drinks CBD iced Americano & Latte

Calm Drinks are probably best known for their range of lovely CBD sparkling water, but their CBD coffee range is awesome too. They've got 2 bags of wholebean or ground coffee on their site, but we actually want to focus on the coldbrew CBD coffee as we haven't see that anywhere else (and we're quite fond of an iced coffee). There are 2 coldbrew options, 1 is a normal Americano and 1 is a Latte. Each can contains 10mg of CBD, a nice dose. Check them out!

The Hashtag Company CBD coffee

The Hashtag Company

We're big fans of Nespresso machines and we love to see that The Hashtag Company have Nespresso capsules, amazing! These guys have 3 flavours of coffee that we haven't seen anywhere else - original, vanilla and caramel. Delicious.

How much? From £14.99 per bag

CBD Emporium Equilibrium coffee

CBD Hemporium Equilibrium coffee

The guys over at CBD Hemporium have only recently launched their own brand of CBD coffee, called Equilibrium. They've clearly put a lot of effort and time into developing this coffee and it shows. It's a Colombian coffee with flavours that include toffee, walnut and and with a slight citrus flavour. What we love about this coffee is that it not only contains CBD, it's also great tasting. But easily the best part about this coffee is that you can check out lab reports on the product page. Looking at the report we can see that it is made with an isolate. Definitely give this a try!

Paradise CBD coffee

Paradise CBD coffee

The only thing we don't really like about this coffee is that the packing makes it look a little cheap. But in terms of what's in the bag we're pretty satisfied - it's coffee made with broad spectrum CBD and there are lab reports on the product page, awesome.

Black Ink CBD coffee

Black Ink CBD Coffee

What we love about the Black Ink CBD coffee is that the selection is nice and simple - Black Ink have one 200g bag of coffee, made with Tanzanian arabica beans. It's made with full spectrum CBD which is fantastic to see and is practically unheard of. The only reason we don't have this brand higher up our list is because they've only got 1 option, but actually we personally don't mind that at all! Definitely check this coffee out.

The Coffee Boss CBD shot

The Coffee Boss

We hadn't heard of The Coffee Boss before sitting down to produce this guide, but actually there is a good reason for that. They're not specifically a CBD coffee brand, but rather a popular UK coffee brand that has teamed up with Virtue CBD. The Coffee Boss sell a range of CBD products that business owners and consumers can use to add a CBD boost to their coffee, for example CBD refills for coffee machines, CBD sachets to add to coffee and even CBD honey sticks that you can mix with coffee. Definitely check it out if you want to buy in bulk.

In Conclusion

CBD coffee can be a great option for anyone who wants to start their day with a CBD boost, without the hempy taste. We've mentioned some of the most popular UK brands above, but there are many others to try too. Definitely give CBD coffee a shot!

This guide was published by Harry Blackstone, the main writer for CBD Bible. We publish hundreds of guides every month on our blog, feel free to explore our website for more reviews and CBD guides.

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