Purple Rose Supply Cannagar Molds (a review)

We're big fans of cannagars - that is to say, cannabis cigars. There are a few brands you can buy from, but you can also make your own. You can choose your strain (if you're a Wedding Cake or Mimosa Fan)
Cram it with as much as you like and with whatever you like (a lot of flower is sold as CBD tea these days)


The issue for us has always been that compared to a standard roll, cannagars can be pretty tricky. You definitely need to have a bit of skill to ensure a tight pack, and it's not easy at all.


This is where Purple Rose Supply comes in.  Purple Rose Supply creates tools to make creating cannagars easier and more consistent. We love these products but know that they're not as well known here in the UK compared to the states, so thought we'd publish a short post about them. As with all of our posts we'll be taking a look at the Purple Rose Supply:

So let's get into it:

Who is Purple Rose Supply?

We always find it useful to start with a little bit of background on any brand we review. There is a great 'Our Story' section on the Purple Rose Supply website that provides some detail on how the brand came to be, and the faces behind the brand. Purple Rose Supply was founded by a cannabis connoisseur (Sid) who enjoyed smoking cannabis with friends at the weekends, but wanted a way to level up the experience. Having read about cannagars, Sid took a look at some brands but found them to be really expensive, and also to lack the choice that he liked for his smoke. After some research, Sid decided to create molds that anyone could use to have a cannagar experience. Purple Rose Supply was born!

We love this story and also love to see some faces on the 'Our Story' page, it really makes a difference to see the people behind the brand. 

What are the Purple Rose Supply products like?

Purple Rose Supply have 3 different molds for you to choose from (small, large and personal). Each mold is so much more than a piece of plastic - the molds consist of a built-in funnel, packing tool, skewer insert (to create an airhole for smooth hits) and the CannaMold. The small G2 Canngar Mold (aka Mini Cannon) can pack anywhere from 3.5-7 grams, to produce a cannagar that will last roughly an hour. The personal mold holds 2-4 grams so is ideal for personal use, and the large mold (aka The Executive) holds an epic 10-14 grams. Turn up to your friend's house with one of these and check out the look on their faces!

These molds have been designed by cannabis experts, and we love the time and effort that has gone into producing these. There are also plenty of add-ons that you can buy to go along with your mold, for example, wooden mouthpiece tips and bamboo skewers for creating airholes.

Overall we're super impressed with this product range and highly recommend you check it out. Get some indica and it will hit like a truck load of melatonin

What are the Purple Rose Supply reviews like?

Put it this way - every Purple Rose Supply product is sitting with a perfect 5-star rating on their website. Overall customers seem really happy with the quality of the products as well as the service provided by the team. 

Cant wait to bust this out at a party and see how long it burns for. Purple Rose is a game changer!

A review from the Purple Rose Supply website

What are your other options?

PSS Cannagars is another impressive brand that we stumbled across recently. Their range includes molds you can use to create Thai Sticks, Cannabis Cigars & Blunts, available in different colors and styles. 
The PSS Cannagars molds are also cheaper than the Purple Rose Supply molds without losing any of the quality, so if you're looking for an alternative then definitely check this brand out too. 
Purple Rose Supply review

In Conclusion

We'd love to see Purple Rose Supply gain traction here in the UK, and for our US readers who haven't heard of them definitely check them out!