Wonderbrett's OZK Strain

Strain | 70% Indica Hybrid

Cannabinoids | THC 22-26% | CBD (<1%)

Terpenes | Unknown

More about Wonderbrett’s OZK Strain

What do you get when you cross Zkittlez with OG Kush? Something very, very special indeed. This page is dedicated entirely to that match made in heaven: Wonderbrett’s OZK Strain (often simply called OZK).

This strain is said to have been bread by Dying Breed Seeds and the particular Phenotype by (you guessed it) Wonderbrett. It is a unique strain which encapsulates the very best out of both its parents. 

What does Disco Biscuit look Like? 

If you ask us, this is potentially one of the most beautiful buds we have seen. It has elements of Forbidden Fruits in terms of its deep purply blue colours and slightly green leaf tips. This base colour makes the burning rusty pistls shine with the layer of sticky trichomes. 

The complex colours make it a very interesting strain to look at. 


Aroma & Flavours

We are huge fans of Zkittlez, and just as in love with OG. They are however, very different strains and it had not previously occurred to us that combining the two would be a good idea. Evidently, it is. 

The OZK strain has an unusual flavour and scent which leaves you contemplating which strain you’re actually tasting. There is a swirling of forrest fruits followed by the spicy funky pine of OG which in turn turns the fruit notes up to 11. 

We love both strains and to have them on the same plate may be a bit much for some, but it is intriguing at the very least. 

The OZK High!

The OZK strain’s high is as complex as it’s aroma. With OG being a perfect 50% hybrid, and Zkittlez being a dominant Indica, it is clear that this strain is designed as something to enjoy in the evening. 
Despite the initial relaxing in the body, the head comes though which is typical OG. It makes the strain an ideal midnight comedy kind of strain. 
There is a word of warning we need to share: stock the fridge because the munchies are real.