LondonCryo CBD massage - you need to check this out!

Health and well being is a serious business. CBD & hemp are very quickly becoming an essential part of millions of peoples daily routine and helping millions of people overcome modern-day issues such as stress and anxiety.

For hundreds of years, a great way to take a break from your busy life and treat yourself is to have a massage. Not only does it feel great but it also increases blood flow and can help your body heal. CBD's benefits have included the reduction of symptoms of anxiety and it promotes our ability to relax. Imagine the two being combined? Well, there is a company in London that offer a wide range of health and well-being therapies including a CBD massage! Introducing LondonCryo:

(This is not a sponsored post - we're just really interested in their work!)

Who are LondonCryo?

LondonCryo are a London based Cryo and Massage therapy business owned and run by Melbourne born, Maria. As a busy and active person, she discovered the benefits of Cryotherapy for her body and mind in New York. While returning home she noticed limited options for the therapy in London so she decided to quit her city job and set up LondonCryo... the rest as they say, is history.

Cryotherapy, in short, is standing for a short amount of time in a chamber which is cooled to -130c for up to 3 minutes- it sounds like torture but due to the nature of the dry-cold, the therapy is said to be quite enjoyable. The extreme cold promotes muscle and tissue repair by reducing inflammation from the highly enriched oxygenated blood, improved blood circulation and lymphatic detoxification. It makes it ideal for sports recovery, wellness, mental clarity and boosts levels of endorphins (happy chemicals). High-performing athletes to Joe Rogan rave about the benefits of Cryochamber treatments for their health and sports performance.

While this is super interesting and something that we ourselves are keen to try out, we are here to talk about LondonCryo's CBD Massage treatment!

LondonCryo CBD Massage

They hype around CBD has sadly resulted in a world of CBD mania; it gives the impression that CBD is a fad at best, and a con at worst. The CBD mattress is a perfect example of ultimate fad status which undermines trust in the compound. While a 'CBD massage' sound like it may fit into the 'eye-roll' box, there is a load of science that backs up the practice and it actually makes perfect sense.

The benefits of CBD are closely linked to those of the Cryochamber- it reduces symptoms of anxiety and stress, promotes relaxation and has a wide range of general well-being benefits. It is also a well-known fact that our skin can absorb CBD very quickly and is quickly becoming an essential ingredient for superior cosmetics and massage oils.

There are two massages which are offered by LondonCryo: Relaxing and Immunity. Each is undertaken with products made with concentrated plant therapy blend of CBD hemp oil and organic herbs.

Relaxing: The massage is designed to promote deep relaxation and rejuvenation of the skin. You can choose from 60 minutes at £120 or a 90-minute session for £180. We would suspect that this therapy would be fantastic for after a long hard day at work, or just after hitting the gym. The topical CBD is absorbed directly into the skin and attaches with receptors in the skin/ muscles. CBD can help reduce inflammation and promote repair on a cellular level, along with promoting relaxation. How anybody can get up off the bed after a CBD massage, we will never know!

Immunity: The second of the two CBD massage therapies is an immunity which is said to protect the body against infection. It encourages the promotion of Lymphocytes (white blood cells), detoxifies the body and lowers fluid retention. In short, massage therapy is designed to detox your body; the skin is also rejuvenated. CBD attaches with our Endocannabinoid System which is an essential signaling platform to notifying our body when there is an imbalance in our internal workings. An imbalance can be caused by an invading bacteria or virus. CBD supports our body's ability to defend itself which works in perfect harmony with this massage therapy. The price of Immunity is also £120 (60 minutes) and £180 (90 minutes).


In Conclusion

Alongside these therapies, LondonCryo also offer a huge range of well-being treatments which may be of interest to you. Check them out to see if there is anything you're interested in!

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