Hemp Botanics (Our Honest Review)

Hemp Botanics review

Hemp Botanics are a CBD shop based in London. Although their shop is very popular, they sell their products online across the UK. They've built up a huge following, so we thought it would be a good idea to review Hemp Botanics to see what all the fuss is about. We'll be taking a look at the Hemp Botanics:




Third-party reviews

Reddit reviews


Let's get into it:

Who are Hemp Botanics?

Founded in early 2014, Hemp Botanics were there right as the UK CBD industry started to blossom. They immediately made their mark as a brand offering CBD products which were lab tested, and which were not shipped in from the USA. In 2015 they started shipping in American CBD products to the UK, another major leap for the industry and another move which established the company as pioneers within the UK CBD industry. They've definitely played an important role in progressing our industry, so we're thankful for that.

There is actually a great 'About' section on the Hemp Botanics website where you can read all about their journey and how they built their brand.

What are the Hemp Botanics products like?

When we look at the product range of Hemp Botanics, it's obvious that their range has been limited to ensure that they can continue shipping their products across the world. They only offer broad spectrum CBD oils, which means that the oils contain virtually no THC. Now, although this doesn't make the products completely worthless, it does prevent users from experiencing the "entourage effect" which comes from using full spectrum CBD oils. For some people like athletes or those who are drug tested regularly, broad-spectrum CBD products are ideal. So we won't write them off completely for this.

It's also worth saying that Hemp Botanics offer possibly the best range of broad spectrum CBD products we've ever seen. Not only is the product range seriously impressive, their lab report section is perfection. A search function allows you to check the reports for any product on their site. This should be the benchmark for the CBD industry.

What are the Hemp Botanics reviews like?

Hemp Botanics reviews Trustpilot

Hemp Botanics use Trustpilot to collect reviews, which is our preferred third party platform for collecting reviews. They've got a pretty good rating on there - 4.7 out of 5 from over 600 reviews. This puts them among the highest rated CBD companies in the UK.

The reviewers mention that the customer service is fantastic, and that the products are great too. Many users seem particularly pleased with the regular sales that Hemp Botanics hold on their site. Another nice touch is that Hemp Botanics reply to every review, often giving a 10% discount code to users.

What does Reddit think of Hemp Botanics?

Like any good CBD brand, Hemp Botanics pop up more than a few times over on Reddit. Any time we see a brand being mentioned on there consistently it's usually a good sign. The screenshot above is from a Reddit thread about trusted CBD companies in the UK, with Hemp Botanics being mentioned in the list. There are also a number of other Reddit threads mentioning Hemp Botanics over on Reddit.

Hemp Botanics review

In Conclusion

If you're looking for broad spectrum CBD products, it looks like Hemp Botanics are a great choice. For many people, broad spectrum CBD oil will be an ideal product. However in our opinion you'd always be best going with a full spectrum oil wherever possible.


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