CBD products for golfers

CBD products for golfers

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Updated August 21st 2021

People often think of golf as a low-intensity, relaxed sport, and certainly compared to something like rugby that is true. However, it is still a sport and still requires a level of fitness and strength. It's also easy to pick up injuries when playing golf, such as strains (particularly wrist strains). Plus, golf tends to attract older players which increases the chances of injury.

For all of these reasons, CBD is growing in popularity within the golf community. We recently saw that Cannaray have partnered with the PGA, and we know lots of CBD brands that have been created specifically for golfers. For this reason, we thought we'd publish a brief guide about using CBD for golf and detailing some of the brands you can try:

Why should golfers use CBD?

We've mentioned a few reasons why golfers might like to use CBD in our intro, but just to reiterate:

  • Helping with injury recovery
  • Helping with focus
  • Helping with sleep

Where to buy CBD products for golfers?

There are a number of CBD brands out there targeting golfers, so here are a few of our favourites:


Darren Clarke CBD

Darren Clarke CBD is a brand founded by golf and CBD experts. They're a relatively new brand but already impressing us. Definitely give them a shot if you're a golfer looking to try CBD.

Pure Sport CBD muscle balm

Pure Sport CBD

Pure Sport CBD was founded by 2 former professional rugby players, this time 2 former Glasgow Warriors players, but they're a sports brand for everyone (including golfers!)



Cannaray are official partners of the PGA for 2021, so we thought we should include them in this list. Why not.

In Conclusion

CBD products can be great for rugby players, but we think it will be a while until the world of sports properly embraces the power of CBD.

This guide was published by the CBD Bible team. We publish hundreds of guides every month, feel free to explore our website for more reviews and CBD guides.

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