Best CBD products for rugby players (Updated 2022)

CBD for rugby players

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Updated September 12th 2021

CBD is currently taking the world by storm, but strangely the world of sport has been a little more hesitant to jump on the bandwagon. Athletes are tested regularly and there is a lot of trepidation from sport stars who worry about consuming a cannabis product that might show up on a drugs test.

There is, however, an exception to note here - rugby players. A number of CBD brands are marketing their products towards rugby players (mainly here in the UK), and rugby players are lapping it up. Rugby is a notoriously physical sport, and players often spend most of the time between games trying to heal their bodies. Considering this, it's not surprising to see how CBD has become a popular choice for people within the sport.

So what do we make of this? Well, we're actually pretty pleased. We know that CBD can help with recovery and sleep, so that alone should make it a no-brainer for rugby players. But there is a bit more to explore here, let's get into it:


Why should rugby players use CBD?
What are the best CBD products for rugby players in the UK?

Why should rugby players use CBD?

We've mentioned a few times on our blog how we try to not make explicit medical claims about CBD products. But the truth is that there are many brands out there, including brands that are marketed towards rugby players, that are selling these products on the premise that they help rugby players deal with pain and recover from injuries. While we don't fully support this stance (simply because the evidence is still limited), we appreciate that some players could be benefiting from use of CBD products like CBD creams for this purpose. However we would suggest that perhaps much of the benefit derived from these types of products is due to the 'placebo effect' of a tingling cream being rubbed onto the painful area. Nothing wrong with a bit of placebo!

What we do know for certain is that CBD has proven benefits for sleep and anxiety, which can definitely be useful for rugby players. Oils, capsules and other CBD edibles are better for these purposes than creams and lotions.

Where to buy CBD products for rugby players?

As we mentioned, there are a number of CBD brands out there who target rugby players specifically, many of which we have reviewed before on our blog. Here is an overview of our favourite brands:

FourFive CBD 500mg oil

FourFive CBD (500mg CBD oil & muscle rub)

FourFive CBD was founded by 2 English rugby players, and has focused their product range heavily around marketing to rugby players. They've got a really popular range and you can even find them on Amazon in the UK. We've used both the muscle rub and the 500mg CBD oil (pictured), and what we like about these products is that they're rigorously tested which is ideal for rugby players. Check them out!

Pure Sport CBD muscle balm

Pure Sport CBD

Similarly to FourFive CBD, Pure Sport CBD was founded by 2 former professional rugby players, this time 2 former Glasgow Warriors players. The products are BSCG certified, meaning they are tested for safety and purity. They've recently received a bunch of funding and have expanded globally, plus Finn Russell of the Scotland rugby team has put his own money into the business. They're awesome too so check them out!

CBDiablo Balms

CBD Cooling and Warming Balms

CBDiablo are brand we rate very highly. Not just because their products are great, but they also give money to support a mental health charity in the UK.

The company have recently released its CBD cooling and warming balms that are targeted towards Rugby players. We got our hands on some of these products and one of their water-soluble tinctures (called Cthulhu) which is a great product for a water bottle.

The range of CBD for rugby players is one of the best out there.

In Conclusion

CBD products can be great for rugby players, but we think it will be a while until the world of sports properly embraces the power of CBD.

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