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CBD Academy

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Updated November 2nd, 2021

When we find interesting CBD products or brands, we always want to share them with our audience. So when we stumbled across the CBD Academy website, we knew that we'd have to publish an article about their great offering. We'll be taking a close look at the brand and their products, let's get into it:

What are the CBD Academy products like?

Let's get into the specifics of why we're so excited about the CBD Academy product range. There is a variety of products to choose from, we'll be looking at a handful of them in closer detail, starting with the CBD oils.

The CBD oil range from CBD Academy ranges from 5% to 30%, which is a great range to choose from. The carrier used is hemp oil which is great for bioavailability and increasing absorption. These oils are great for helping with sleep issues (melatonin is great here too), stress and anxiety which is exactly the type of ailment people who use CBD want assistance with. We love this CBD oil range and recommend you check it out for yourself. They also sell 2 CBD oils for animals (3% and 5%) which are available in fish flavour or beef flavour).

The CBD flower also looks great and is available in strains such as Amnesia Fruit and OG Kush. Each option includes 19.5% CBD and less than 0,2% THC. They are also all sativa dominant strains so great for relaxation.

Lastly, you can also buy CBD resin which is available in sizes ranging from 1g to 10g.

Overall, we love this product range and highly recommend you explore it for yourself.


Image from CBD Academy website

What are the CBD Academy reviews like?

The best place to find reviews for the CBD Academy products is directly on their homepage. We've included a screenshot from their homepage which collects testimonials from happy customers who have bought products from CBD Academy and who have all given 5 star ratings. You can find these reviews on the homepage within the 'NOS CLIENTS PARLENT POUR NOUS' section.

FireShot Capture 1496 - CBD Academy© Officiel_ Achat Fleurs CBD à base de Cannabidiol - CBD _ - cbd-academy.fr
CBD Academy

In Conclusion

We love to recommend French CBD brands to our readers because we know many of you will love to try them! Definitely give them a try and check them out here - https://cbd-academy.fr/

This article was published by the CBD Bible team. We publish hundreds of articles every month, feel free to explore our website for more reviews and CBD guides.

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