Bulk.com CBD Oil (Honest Review)

The universe of CBD companies is a really hard place to navigate. Most of the time you are left scratching your head looking at something on Amazon wondering if it worth the risk.

Previously Amazon was the last place to buy ‘CBD’ as most of the products there were fake, or simply hemp oil. It was the wild west back in the day. More recently though there are a few brands that have been included on Amazon seemingly via a special deal, or some kind of exclusive right to sell CBD. A lot of these companies are well-being companies (such as Vitality CBD) that already stocked products on Amazon or are big enough to be approached (like Four Five).

This brings us to a company that we had previously never heard of before: Bulk CBD.

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In summary

As a way of rounding this off, it seems that Bulk CBD do not have a passion for CBD. They are a big sports supplementation brand that has thrown a CBD in into their range at a very competitive price. For us we just got an Amazon package with a bottle in it so for us the presentation was way off and the oil was ok. For us, the whole experience was very ‘meh’. 

That is not to say that Bulk are not a great company – we just feel that we’d rather give our money to a company that specialises in CBD and has more passion, better information and more care. 


Who is Bulk.com CBD?

It comes as no surprise that Bulk CBD oil is a very small part of what Bulk do. They are first and foremost a fitness brand which was established in 2006. They are now apparent the fastest growing health brand in the world… their amazing presence will surely be a huge part of that success. Bulk sells everything an athlete needs, from dried fruits, nuts, powders, vitamins and now CBD.

From what it looks like, the brand’s success is also tied to stars such as Anthony Joshua and other Instagram influencers.

It seems that Bulk CBD oil is only a recent addition to the brand’s range which makes perfect sense. CBD is a great supplement for athletes


Bulk CBD Oil Review

It seems that there are only a couple of Bulk CBD products available on the website and amazon. Two capsules (10mg and 25mg capsules) and two oils (250mg and 500mg). We find that capsules are good but they take a little longer to feel any benefits, so we decided to try the 250mg oil. It was on offer so was at a very reasonable price.

The oil is a broad-spectrum formula (although their ingredients say full-spectrum which is strange) in an MCT carrier oil. We found the presentation extremely disappointing and very lazy. We almost literally just got a bottle in a padded package and nothing else. the information on the back of the label isn’t complete and it is very little about the experience that showed the company cared about their customers. This could be amazon but certainly, something that you should expect when purchasing the Bulk.com CBD oil there.

We took the oil for a couple of days and it was fine. The taste was quite light but you could taste the terpenes. Without being too dismissive, it was a very forgettable experience as a whole. We didn’t even finish the bottle.

It feels very much like an added product range that has not been given the respect that CBD needs. Bulk is a huge company and we do not feel as though they know the attention to detail or customer care required when selling CBD. They may have seen money but thought about what it is they are selling.


In Summary

Basically, the oil seemed fine. It comes from a big reputable sports supplement company so you should be sure that it will come from a similarly reputable source. We just don’t think that the company has given CBD the respect that it requires and it has been added to the range as it is a big trend. The presentation is way off and somewhat lazy. Sorry, we’d suggest giving your money to a smaller CBD specialist who have real passion for the product.



Harry is the primary writer at CBD Bible. He has been writing about CBD for more than 5 years and has had his writing featured on a number of high-profile publications. Find him on Twitter @CBDBibleUK