Best CBD Disposable Vape

If there is anything that has EXPLODED in the UK recently, then it has to be the disposable vape pens. There are a few brands but the ‘Elf Bar’ is by far the most popular.

This trend is easy to use, disposable vape products have also moved into the realm of cannabis, and the UK is starting to see a rise in disposable CBD vapes. These are different to the Vape Cartridges that are technically disposable. The real disposable comes as one, easy to use pen and battery combo. All you need to do is open the packet and start vaping. No charging or fiddling. 

We wanted to do a little bit of exploration and do a little run down on the vape pens that we believe are the best, and that ones that offer something special.

1. Graded Green - 300mg Disposable Vape

We’ve reviewed the Graded Green Disposable recently and we can say that we were quite impressed. The pen uses a nice full spectrum extract that isn’t too harsh. We found that the effects are nice and mellow, and are immediate.

The extract is a nice golden honey colour and the device is much better quality than many of the others on the market. The terpenes used are obvious botanical and do have a slight harshness, but the flavours are really nice. 

What is the best about this brand is the packaging. The designs are really unique and cool. 

You can pick one up for £25. 


  • Good Value for Money
  • Easy to Use
  • Great Device 
  • Nice Flavours


  • Bontaical Terpenes
  • Advertised as having zero THC yet is a full spectrum extract 

2. CBDfx 500mg Vape

If CBDFx were not the first to offer a disposable vape pen in the UK, they were at least within the first 5 producers. We’ve included the brand on this list simply down to the providence of the products. We can trace the trajectory of the brand rooting at the very beginning of the CBD industry. 

What CBDfx offer is PG/VG mix which has been infused with 500mg of Hemp derived CBD. The effects from the CBD are not as pronounced as those from a distillate extract, but the flavours are much better. We tried the mint and it was really nice and refreshing. It was certainly a much easier vape to enjoy. 

For £25 you’re able to pick one up from a number of retailers. 


  • Great flavours
  • Easy to use


  • PG/VG with hemp extract which isn’t as potent as distillate
  • Fairly expensive for the product

3. CBGx - CBG Disposable Vape Pen

CBGx are a new brand that we had previously not heard of before. It seems as though they are available with wholesalers and distributors, so you’re able to pick them up from pretty much any corner-shop that sells CBD products. 

We liked the vape in terms of its ease of use, the designs and quality of the feel. We also really enjoyed the fact that the pen focuses on CBG as well as CBD. 

The pen uses a PG/VG mix with ‘real cannabis terpenes’ for flavour. We found that the vape burned our throat which is certainly from the terpenes – usually cannabis derived terpenes are smoother so we’re thinking these are isolated cannabis terps, or botanical. 


  • Unique formulation
  • Nice cannabis flavours
  • Nice Design


  • Burns the throat a little

4. Roor - 200mg Vape

Roor are a well known papers company in the Cannabis industry – but they are much lesser known for their vapes. 

The vape is made in France and has a capacity of 600 puffs. Each pen contains 200mgs of CBD which means that you’re only getting a tiny amount per puff. The extract is also broad-spectrum and does not contain THC – and honestly, you do notice that the extract isn’t full-spectrum. 

Of all the things that Roor does well, the flavours are pretty nice. The vape uses natural terpenes which give it a really nice natural flavour. 

What makes the brand really stand out is the designs of the disposable pens. 

You can pick one up for £25


  • Nice Designs
  • Flavours are nice and sweet


  • Only 200mgs in the vape
  • Quite 

5. Orange County 300mg Disposable Vape Pen

Of all the disposable vape pens, the one you’re likely to come across is from Orange County. The company have done a really good job at getting into retailers, head-shops and vape specialists across the country. Annoyingly, what the company has in style it lacks somewhat in quality. 

The vape pen itself is a fairly standard device with a printed logo – they are very cheap and the quality isn’t the best. We had high hopes for the extract but we found that it had frozen and was like glass. While this isn’t the end of the world (and happens a lot with full spectrum extracts) what this does is separates the extract into diamonds and terpenes. It means that some puffs are really nice and terpy, others are a little bitter and some taste of nothing at all. The frozen extract really does effect the quality of the vape.

Other than that the effects were for the most part nice and immediate and the flavours, although were hit and miss throughout the whole pen, we’re nice and sweet.

For £25 a pen it is a steep ask.


  • Nice Designs
  • Flavours are nice and sweet


  • The extract had crystallised and separated
  • Device quality is low

6. The Goods 45% CBD Vape Disposable

The Goods are huge at the moment – and their marketing is ON POINT. The question is: are their disposable CBD vapes as great as their brand is? The answer is ‘yes’. 

We rate the disposable vapes from the Goods very highly for a number of reasons. The flavours are really nice, quite unique and the extract is clean and doesn’t become harsh. The extract is a full spectrum distillate extract rather than a PG/VG mix and therefore as natural as it gets. 

The device is slick, easy to use and pretty discrete. If you need something really easy, tastes delicious and has decent effects then this is the disposable you should purchase. 

Of all the flavours the Forbidden Fruits is our favourite. Yo can pick up the pen for £25. 


  • Nice Designs
  • Flavours are nice and sweet
  • Distilate Extract


6. Darwin CBD Vape - 300mgs

Darwin CBD is another brand that seem to be doing well in the CBD vape market. They offer a fairly generic disposable vape option using an isolated CBD extract. The pen contains 300mgs of CBD with 600 puffs from the fully charged device. 

The flavour of these pens are actually very nice, but the effects are lacking for sure. We much prefer a full spectrum extract. 


  • Nice Designs
  • Flavours are nice and swee


  • Isolated CBD


Harry is the primary writer at CBD Bible. He has been writing about CBD for more than 5 years and has had his writing featured on a number of high-profile publications. Find him on Twitter @CBDBibleUK