Graded Green CBD review (Our Honest Thoughts)

Graded Green have only come to our attention recently during a marketing campaign for their disposable vape pen. Previously we had not encountered the brand, but it was clear that they had a hardcore following for their concentrates and CBD ‘tea’ flower.

Let us dig right in!

Who is Graded Green?

We needed to dig hard to find out who Graded Green is, and what they are all about. The website doesn’t have an ‘about page’ to tell us their story, or some of the people behind the brand. We always like to see this because people buy from people. After some research, it looks as though the company was set up in roughly 2019 and has been trading flower, CBD oils and concentrates until their most recent rebrand.

We can find a returns address in Liverpool so we think the company must come from the North West of England.


What are the Graded Green CBD Products Like?

Graded Green have a nice selection of products on their website and seem to have positioned themselves as part of the recreational cannabis market. While they sell CBD oils, their offering includes CBD concentrates (like crumbles and shatter), cannabis flower products (like Hash), CBD ‘Tea’ and now disposable vape pens.

The company have a number of 30ml CBD oils: from £45.99 1000gmg (3%) and £109 6000mg (20%). Each of the oils are produced using Hemp seed oil and an Isolated CBD extract. We much prefer broad-spectrum, and full-spectrum but novel food legislation has made this very difficult to pull off.

One of the most popular products from Graded Green is their ‘tea’. CBD ‘tea’ is a chopped or ground CBD flower that is designed to be used as loose leaf tea. While this is the sold purpose of the product, it can be used for other purposes. The tea is pesticide-free and organic and comes at a very competitive price.

Finally, the star of the show is the brand new Graded Green CBD vape pens, which have only just been launched. We came across these from an online influencer who raved about the products during a pre-sale promotion drive. As soon as the pens landed we got a couple.

We tried Zkittlez, Choc Mint OG and (our favourite) Birthday Cake. The pens pack a broad-spectrum CBD concentrate dose of 300mgs with strain inspired terpenes for flavour and effects. Each pen comes in at £24.99 and are really easy to use. You can simply plug and play. What we particularly liked about the pen is how easy it is to use, and there is no need to keep a bunch of different cartridges with you.

The only downside we found is that they did not last us very long, but that is more reason to buy a couple at a time and try out all of the flavours.

Overall we were very impressed by the pens.


What are the third-party reviews like for Graded Green?

When we say others, we mean people like you on Trustpilot. The platform is a great way to spot if there are any issues with the service and to get a good understanding of the whole customer experience. Graded Green are currently rated 4.6/5 with over 1100 reviews (89% 5 stars). Most have enjoyed the products and received good service from Graded Green.

While most of the reviews are glowing, there are a significant number of 1-star reviews. Many of them comment on the service and the fact that the company struggled to resolve an issue when things went wrong.


Harry is the primary writer at CBD Bible. He has been writing about CBD for more than 5 years and has had his writing featured on a number of high-profile publications. Find him on Twitter @CBDBibleUK