YourZooki CBD Oil (Our Honest Review)

yourzooki Review

YourZooki are a health supplement company based in the UK and US. We first heard about these guys after seeing their products stocked in Holland and Barrett, and then we also heard about them sending Vitamin C supplements to staff at the NHS. This sounded really good to us, and when we saw that YourZooki CBD oil was on sale, we knew we had to review them. As always we'll be looking closely at their:

Product range


to see if they're worth your time. Let's get into it:

Before even thinking of purchasing from Yourzooki you should see our list of the best CBD Oil Products from the UK (<— this is our list of the best we have tried) … or keep reading the review. 

Who are YourZooki?

We've already mentioned that YourZooki are a health supplements company, and actually they're not best known for their CBD range (this was only recently added to their site). Instead, their best known for their liposomal Vitamin C supplement. If you haven't tried a liposomal supplement before then we'd highly recommend it, it'll knock your socks off. But we're not here to talk about those, we're here to talk about CBD.

What are the YourZooki CBD products like?

The YourZooki CBD product range consists of 4 oils and capsules. The oils range from 3% to 40% concentration, a nice range to work with. There are no lab reports included on the product pages which is a shame, but there is a note saying that if you drop YourZooki an email they will send you a lab report. These are most likely isolate CBD oils, which is fine but not necessarily our preferred choice. They're still pretty decent oils though - organic, made with American grown hemp and C02 extracted, that ticks a number of boxes for us. The YourZooki CBD oils are also flavoured with spearmint oil to give a nice minty taste, a good idea.

The CBD capsules are only available in one strength, 10mg caps. We always prefer to take the oil under the tongue rather than swallowing a capsule, but we appreciate that it's good to have the option.

Overall as far as CBD ranges we see stocked in places like Holland and Barrett, the YourZooki CBD range is actually pretty good, if a little expensive for what you're buying.

What are the YourZooki CBD reviews like?

YourZooki use YotPo to collect reviews on their CBD product pages, which is very good to see. YotPo is a third-party review platform that is typically more popular in the United States but we're definitely fine to see it used here. Most of their CBD products are sitting with a near perfect rating, for example their 10% CBD oil is sitting with a 4.8 out of 5 rating. Overall customers seem really happy with the oil and the service provided by YourZooki, read the reviews for yourself if you want to see more customer reactions.

FireShot Capture 450 - CBD Oil 10% (1000mg) - Cannabidiol Hemp Extract - YourZooki™ -

Despite the glowing reviews, in recent months we have spotted a few quite negative reviews. The reviews seem to be on stockists of Your Zooki CBD oil but they are easy found with a quick google search.

Let's hope this is a blip.

yourzooki Review

In Conclusion

YourZooki CBD oil products have started popping up everywhere recently, and to be honest we don't have a problem with that. They look pretty good and we think the people behind YourZooki seem pretty cool too. Check them out!


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