SurePure CBD (Our Honest Review)

SurePure CBD review

We've mentioned a few times on this website how good the CBD communities are in certain parts of the UK, for example the numerous companies in London like Global Green CBD, or even Manchester, which is home to CBD Relieve. But we've never mentioned Middlesborough before. There are some great CBD companies in the city (other than Holland & Barrett), with SurePure CBD being a good example of this. We've heard some talk about this company, so we thought it would be a good idea to conduct an in-depth review of the brand to see if we could uncover what has made them so popular. Let's get into the review:

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Who are SurePure CBD?

The business was founded by Brian Charrington and Phil Knowlson, and has immediately built up a great local following. But it's not just locals who are getting behind SurePure CBD - they're actually becoming a nationally recognised CBD brand, which is great to see. Reading interviews with the founders, it's clear to see that there is a genuine passion behind the brand and that they believe in the benefits of CBD products, so it's good to know that if you want to chat to the owners of SurePure CBD about CBD, you'll be speaking to someone with a good amount of knowledge.

What are the SurePure CBD products like?

As you'd expect, the main product which SurePure CBD offer is their oils. Having said that, they do have a few other interesting products like soap, coffee and candy. Another nice addition to the product line is the flavoured oils, which are available in Strawberry, Blackcurrant, Lemon & Lime and Apple, all of which are made with natural flavourings.

The candy is made with honey, and the soap is organic (also it has a nice pattern on it, we're suckers for that type of thing). Overall we like the look of the products. By far the best thing about SurePure CBD is that they include a link to their lab reports on their website, so you can check out the reports for every single product they sell. We consider this an absolute must for any CBD company, and wouldn't consider purchasing without seeing these reports.

What are the reviews like for SurePure CBD?

surepure cbd trustpilot

There are a few testimonials on the homepage which are obviously positive, but we prefer to check the reviews on third party platforms. Luckily SurePure CBD have reviews collected on Trustpilot and Facebook, where they've got a 4.9 rating and a 4.3 rating respectively.
Most of the reviewers mention that they're very happy with the products, especially the oils. Lots of reviews also mention that the customer service is very good, so that's great to see. One thing we would like to see is lots more reviews on Facebook and Trustpilot, for example there are currently only 7 reviews on the SurePure CBD Trustpilot page. However, we're sure that will come with time.

SurePure CBD review

In Conclusion

If you're thinking about going with SurePure CBD for your CBD needs, we wouldn't hold it against you. It looks like these guys are doing a pretty great job.


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