Supreme CBD review (Our Honest Thoughts)

Supreme CBD

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Updated January 4th 2024

Supreme CBD are a CBD company based in the UK. We first heard about these guys after a reader reached out to us and asked our opinion of their products, so we decided to it would be a good idea to conduct a review of them. Let's get into it:

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Who is Supreme CBD?

Supreme CBD was founded in December 2019 by the professional Boxer. Anthony Fowler, from Liverpool. He has managed to work with a number of celebrities and social media influencers who endorse their products.

For example, Jodie Marsh who is a popular model and now bodybuilder, Kate Price, John Hartson and many more. It's impressive to see that this brand works with a number of celebrities for sure.

What are the Supreme CBD products like?

What immediately grabs our attention about the Supreme CBD products is that they're listed as full spectrum, which we're big fans of. This means the CBD oil contains a small amount of THC, which allows users to benefit from "the entourage effect" whereby you can feel all of the cannabinoids and plant goodness working in harmony to provide a blissful sensation.

It is best to check the lab reports for each product. One of the oils only has 0.0052% THC which is lower than some broad-spectrum oils on the market, despite being advertised as full spectrum.

We'll be looking at the CBD oils mostly because that's the product that we would use most frequently, but it's worth mentioning that Supreme CBD sell other CBD products like vape liquids, edibles and balms. We're big fans of vaping CBD as it allows the compound to get into your system quickly. We're also fans of topical CBD products as there is increasing evidence to suggest that CBD can be absorbed by the body effectively when applied topically.

Now to the oils - Supreme CBD have a choice of 7 different oils, ranging in concentration from 500mg of CBD per bottle to 24000mg of CBD per bottle (yep that's 3 zeros there). It's pretty great to have such a choice of concentrations to choose from.

Impressively Supreme CBD have lab reports for most of their oils, and the reports are clearly visible on their menu. The reports look good to us so we can agree that these are indeed full spectrum.

So overall we like the look of the oils and love the fact that we have lab reports. The oils are maybe a little expensive but you do generally have to pay if you want quality CBD products.

What are the Supreme CBD third-party reviews like?

So far we've been impressed with what we've seen, but it looks like Supreme CBD have a number of poor reviews on their Google profile. Generally it seems to be people who aren't happy that the products haven't cured their ailments, but it's important to remember that CBD isn't a miracle drug and you can't guarantee that it will help you with everything you're suffering with. Another reason people are complaining is that the customer service seems quite poor, again we can't comment on that but it seems like people are mostly happy with the products overall.

Supreme CBD Google reviews
Supreme CBD

In Conclusion

So overall we like the look of Supreme CBD but would recommend you explore the reviews left by other customers before you purchase.


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