Best Smell Proof Bags for Weed (Stash Bags)

We all know it. Weed is going to be legal very, very shortly. But, even if it was legal it is a very smelly plant. The smell is also very recognisable. 

If you’re a regular smoker, then you want something sealable and smell-proof for your weed to ensure that your car, flat or pockets don’t smell like weed all the time… and to keep it away from PC twat. 

When you’re on the move it is best to get yourself a smell proof stashbag to keep your bud safe and to ensure that the lovely terpy scents do not seep out at the wrong moment. 


1. Smelly Proofs Sealable Bags

We love something that is really great value for money. Smelly Proof create bags that are ideal for storing things which smell strongly – basically your weed!

They have a myriad of uses, but what drew us to the brand was how these bags could be used to store your cannabis. 

If you’ve never handled cannabis flower before then you might not realise just how strongly it can smell, and how the smell can permeate through just about anything.

Despite CBD flower being legal, the smell can often be mistaken for weed which, here in the UK, is illegal. So you could be walking around with a bag of CBD flower and if somebody catches a whiff, they might think it’s weed – then you’re in trouble.

2. The Goods Stash Bag

The goods are a very, very well known brand in the UK cannabis community. Not only do they offer some great concentrates and CBD pre-rolls, they do a range of accessories for cannabis users. This is their branded Smell proof Stash bag- which is pretty damn cool. 

The goods bag not only looks pretty, but has the technology behind it t ensure that the smell doesn’t leak, your flower is protected and is scured. The Stash bag is lined with carbon and closely stitched to keep the stash bag closed off. It has a 3 digit lock and antibacterial coating. Everything you need in a smell proof bag. 

The goods have provided the goods on this one. 

3. Lobo Field Kit Rolling Stash Bag

The Logo Field Kit is less of a smell proof stash bag, and more of a carry bag/ rolling kit. We think this is a worthy addition to the list as it is a great little kit to have. The Lobo Field kit makes rolling your joints on the go easy, clean and discrete (if you want to be). 

It contains a pouch for your bud, a station for your skins and glass tips to add the finishing touches. 

While the kit is not marketed as smell proof it does a good job of keeping the smell contained. 

Best Smell Proof Stash Bags

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