Real Gorilla Seeds (Honest Review)

We can see across the world a change in feeling towards the Cannabis plant. There is a slow but sure move towards the legalisation which has sparked the movement of all things cannabis. The biggest industry in the UK right now is the seed game.

Cannabis seeds are legal in the UK so they are sold openly online by growers and retailers alike, it is how we came across Real Gorilla Seeds.

What is interesting about Real Gorilla Seeds is that not only do they sell (a potentially) unmatched selection of cannabis seeds, but they also sell a good range of outdoor equipment including boots, jackets and even train cameras. It may seem like a strange combination but there is a huge community of people who go hiking and camping, who like Cannabis.


Our Review

Firstly, we need to say that the website is great. Cannabis seed website can sometimes seem a little old-school, dodgy or cluttered, this website is nice to look at, is enjoyable to use and easy to navigate. While there is a mind-boggling choice of seeds and strains, at no point do you feel overwhelmed. They are nicely catalogued and organised in a way which makes sense.

You can get a range of some of the more famous/ exclusive seeds from this website: including Zkittlez (and some of its variations), Gorilla Glue, GSC and a whole load in between. There are some really interesting strains here that we have never heard of before.

As a sub-point sometimes when it comes to selling cannabis seeds, it is hard to make a payment, but it was seamless with Real Gorilla Seeds, and there was no feeling that we were using a typically strange cannabis payment methods.

One of the most popular strains in the UK is the Stardawg strain so we decided to grab a few of the autos. As impatient people, we selected special delivery and the package arrived the next day.

We ourselves did not germinate the seeds to see how many we could successfully grow as it is against the law in the UK to cultivate the seeds. We instead filed them away for safekeeping, and to grow in the future. We know that issues with germination are an issue but from what we can see, the reviews online (on social media like Reddit and the UK420 forum) for Real Gorilla Seeds do not seem to have unusually poor germination.

Reviews online

It is actually quite hard to find some reviews on a 3rd party platform for Real Gorilla Seeds. While there is a Trustpilot profile for ‘Gorilla Seeds’, it doesn’t seem to be the same company. We found a number of comments on reddit, and UK420 which are all very positive about the company itself.

In Conclusion

In short, we had a good experience using Real Gorilla Seeds and it will become one of our ‘go to’ seed banks in the future. There are plenty of banks out there to choose from but it is really important to find a website that you can trust and is reliable. If you are reading this, then you have found one of the best in the UK.


Harry is the primary writer at CBD Bible. He has been writing about CBD for more than 5 years and has had his writing featured on a number of high-profile publications. Find him on Twitter @CBDBibleUK