Numb Nuts - delicious nuts with a CBD kick.

Here at CBD Bible we sometimes like to give a shoutout to random CBD products that we find online and like the look of. When we found Numb Nuts, we knew they'd be ideal for our audience. Plus, they ship to the United Kingdom! Here is what we've got to say about this great brand:

What are Numb Nuts?

Numb Nuts are healthy nuts infused with CBD. There is actually a great section on the Numb Nuts section that explains what makes the nuts different and so beneficial - Numb Nuts use full spectrum CBD that is C02 extracted, and they never add any unnatural ingredients.

What makes Numb Nuts so awesome?

Healthy snacking is hard, but nuts are a great option. By infusing nuts with quality CBD, you turn an already great food into a superfood. Isn't that nuts!? Like a tub of Melatonin Protein balls.

Where can you get Numb Nuts from?

If you're based in the UK you can order directly from the Numb Nuts website. It'll cost around £10 for shipping so we recommend you stock up when you order and get a few packs. Why not get a good munchies strain (Like Mimosa or OZK) and munch on these nuts (lol).

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In Conclusion

We like to recommend CBD products that we find online from time to time, and we know that lots of our readers will get a kick out of these awesome nuts. Check them out!