Natural Strains (Honest Review)

Natural Strains have caught our eye a few times in the past number of weeks. They have been mentioned regularly on social media by cannabis influencers, and they are one of the most well-known suppliers of Hemp flowers and hemp tea.

Seeing as they enjoy regular recommendations we wanted to see what the fuss was all about and write our own reviews.

Who is Natural Strains

Natural strains seem to be a supplier of mainly Hemp flowers, hemp hash, CBD oils and capsules. They are registered in Liverpool and it seems to be a team of two working behind the scenes. There isn’t much other information online about Natural Strains but we have come to expect this with CBD flower companies as they are subject to tight restrictions, banking issues and bans from Instagram. Regardless, the company seem to be going strong.

The Products

While the company do offer a range of other hemp-based products, they are most well known for the flower they sell. We had seen a number of strains mentioned on social media so we decided to purchase their CBD White Widow. A strain we know quite well.

When the package arrived, we must say that we particularly liked the packaging. While some CBD flower companies send the flowers in a tacky plastic sleeve, Natural Strains have a really good looking eco-friendly resealable mylar pocket. As soon as you crack open the seal the terpenes hit you. You instantly got the sour, chemically notes you’d expect from a White Widow.

To hold, the buds were large and bushy with a pale green colouring and a light spattering of what looked like trichomes. It held its densely packed coned Indica shape (which was really nice to see). According to the Natural Strains website, their flowers are grown non-GMO using organic farming methods, and that quality is their focus; we can see that from first glance.

We use a Dynavap to review the strains as it is the best way to taste the full terpene profile and to get a cleaner cannabinoid hit. White Widow is a Sativa hybrid so we expected a feeling of clarity or energy, but with a body relaxation which often comes with a high CBD strain (21.9% in this strain)

The White Widow is known for having a very pungent, acrid or sour flavour profile – similar to that of Chemdawg or even the Amsterdam special ‘Cat Piss’. We could defiantly taste the chemical-sour flavours which may seem harsh to many, but has a delicate limonene finish that lingers for ages. We had to open the windows for this one. In terms of the flavour, it was very powerful and clean which what great. There was however a bitter grassy note which was quite prominent, this comes from the fact that the product is hemp. The terpenes are botanical so we expected they were sprayed on after the curation process but that wasn’t immediately obvious. While it was not as complex as the real thing, it was still enjoyable.

The effects took hold after a couple of draws. The strain was uplifting, mentally energising and was great for focus. After a number of big hits, the strain did start to lead to a heaviness behind the eyes which is expected with a high CBD strain.


In Conclusion

We were impressed by the offering from Natural Strains and we really enjoyed it. Would recommend this company.


Harry is the primary writer at CBD Bible. He has been writing about CBD for more than 5 years and has had his writing featured on a number of high-profile publications. Find him on Twitter @CBDBibleUK