The Best CBD Capsules in the UK (Reviewed for 2021)

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Updated December 2nd 2021

CBD capsules and tablets are possibly the best way to include a controlled dosage of CBD into your health routine. If you already take a plethora of medication, or supplements you may want to start adding some CBD to your routine. With other products, such as CBD Oil, CBD Vapes and CBD Pastes, it sometimes becomes difficult to accurately ascertain how much CBD you are taking in. If you are serious about ensuring that you are intaking the ideal dose of CBD for your body, CBD capsules and tablets solve this issue almost completely. You do not need to measure out the content of CBD in the capsules and you can find some which are stronger, and others which have other health benefits too.

How do you take CBD Capsules?

This may seem a little bit like teaching you how to suck eggs but there are a couple of things to note. Please ensure you know the strength of your capsules and that you take with food if you can (unless it is specified that you do not). Also, capsules are associate with medicine, and while CBD has been associated with health and well-being benefits (like sleep help, anxiety and more) you should not stop, or replace your medication for CBD. Please speak to your Doctor (although it is against the CTA rules on marketing CBD - but we think it is profoundly stupid to suggest otherwise) to ensure that CBD will not affect your current medication and that it will not be harmful.

If you are new to CBD capsules, like anything, we suggest that you start off small and increase as you need. Do not over do it.

What are the best CBD capsules brands to buy from in the UK?

We thought it would be useful for us to outline the best CBD capsule brands that we've tried in the UK. This list is based on our personal experiences with the products and brands, as well as third-party reviews on platforms like Trustpilot. Here is an overview of the best CBD capsules we've found:

CBDiablo broad spectrum CBD capsules

CBDiablo CBD capsules (30mg)

CBDiablo have 2 different options for CBD capsules - Oracle (10mg of CBD per capsule) and Pythion (30mg of CBD per capsule). Having an option of 30mg CBD capsules is really great as that is a hefty amount. These capsules are broad-spectrum and lab tested. They're also made with MCT to allow for rapid absorption. Check these out!

What makes CBDiablo one of the best CBD capsules brands in the UK?

The CBDiablo CBD capsules are available in 30mg doses, a very good dosage which means you could take one per day rather than several.


Lab tested (lab reports on product pages)

Well priced

Broad spectrum


Often out of stock

Loveburgh CBD softgels

Loveburgh Raw CBD capsules

Loveburgh are a leading manufacturer of CBD in the UK, so capsules do not get better than this. We have chosen Loveburgh Raw as our leading CBD capsule brand down to their design, and their formula. While the extract seems simple, the CBD has been suspended in a low carbon molecule MCT oil to help with the CBD's bioavailability in the gut.

The packaging is completely sustainable and even the labels use vegetable inks to ensure end to end sustainability. It is what Loveburgh is all about.

We think the price is right, the product is great and we're happy to put them at number 1 for the moment.

Vitality CBD capsules

Vitality CBD tablets with vitamins (10mg per tablet)

Vitality CBD is a massive brand here in the UK, so you won't be surprised to see them popping up in this list. We recently tried the Vitality CBD tablets with vitamins. Each tablet contains 10mg of CBD along with other nutrients such as Vitamin B6 and Magnesium. They're THC free and you get 30 tablets per bottle for around £10 which is a good price. These are a good 'all-in-one' option.


Good value for money

Great all-in-one solution


Only isolate CBD

FourFive CBD capsules

FourFive CBD capsules

FourFive sell 2 varieties of CBD capsules, 300mg and 600mg per jar (10mg of CBD per capsule). These are broad spectrum CBD capsules, so they contain zero THC. They're totally lab-tested and vegan. Definitely check these out.

The 600mg CBD capsules will cost you £50 per jar, but only £40 per month if you subscribe. The 300mg CBD capsules will cost £30 or £24 per month if you subscribe, not a bad price at all.




What makes FourFive one of the best CBD capsules brands in the UK?

The FourFive CBD capsules are highly rated on their Trustpilot page, you can read all of the reviews for their capsules here.


Lab tested (lab reports on product pages)

Broad spectrum


Little bit pricey

Only 10mg CBD per capsule

Love Hemp 600mg CBD capsules

Love Hemp CBD capsules (600mg)

The Love Hemp CBD capsules contain 10mg of CBD per capsule, and each container has 60 capsules in it. These are lab tested and contain zero THC. We like these quite a bit!

The 600mg CBD capsules from Love Hemp will cost you £29.99 per tub, although Love Hemp often run sales on their website which is worth a visit.


Zero THC

Cool design


Quite expensive

Hempura 300mg CBD capsules

Hempura CBD capsules

You'll notice that these CBD capsules look a little different to some of the other options we've included in this list, but don't worry! These are still great. They're full-spectrum capsules from Hempura and contain 10mg of CBD per capsule.

The 300mg CBD capsules from Hempura will cost you £19.99 per box for 10 capsules, not a bad price at all.

What makes Hempura one of the best CBD capsules brands in the UK?

The capsules are one of the most popular products within the Hempura range and are highly rated on their Trustpilot profile, you can read those reviews here.


Full spectrum

Cool branding


Only 10mg CBD per capsule

Capsule a bit bigger than others

Cibdol CBD capsules

Cibdol CBD oil capsules (4%-40%)

Cibdol stock 7 different varieties of CBD capsules, which is pretty impressive. Just like the Healthspan capsules, the lowest dosage of capsules you can choose here is 6.4mg of CBD per cap. But what we like about the Cibdol selection is that they have much stronger options available - you can actually go as far up as 32mg per capsule. But one thing we're not a fan of here - these capsules are made with gelatine, so aren't vegan friendly.

Prices for the Cibdol CBD capsules start at £27.99 and go all the way up to £185.99, so quite a range of prices to choose from.


Lab reports included

Good variety of strength options


Not vegan friendly

Healthspan CBD capsules

Healthspan high strength CBD oil capsules (6.4mg per cap)

Healthspan is a brand that has been around since the 90s in the UK, and we've written elsewhere on our blog about how great some of their CBD products are. We think these CBD capsules are right up there in terms of quality, however, at only 6.4mg of CBD per capsule they're not particularly strong compared to some of the other choices we've included in this guide. Another thing to point out about these CBD capsules is that they include olive oil rather than MCT oil, and we typically prefer MCT for absorption.

A pack of 30 CBD capsules from Healthspan will cost you £15.95, if you want a pack of 60 capsules it'll cost you £29.95.


Well priced

Trusted brand


only 6.4mg per capsule

Olive oil instead of MCT

Cannaray CBD capsules

Cannaray CBD capsules (2 options)

There are 2 options for buying capsules via Cannaray - 300mg per jar and 600mg per jar. What we love about these CBD capsules is the technology used. It's called VESIsorb®, which essentially mimics the human fat digestion and absorption process. This means the CBD within the capsules is absorbed very easily by the body. We love this because so many CBD capsules are made with bovine gelatin which isn't ideal for absorption. Definitely check these capsules out.

A tub of the 10mg CBD capsules from Cannaray will cost you £25, if you prefer the 20mg capsules then you will have to pay £45.

What makes Cannaray one of the best CBD capsules brands in the UK?

The capsules are on Amazon and are pretty highly rated on there (4 stars out of 5). You can check out the reviews here.


Clever technology for absorption

Broad spectrum


Only 2 options

Beliebis CBD capsules

Beliebis CBD capsules (2 options)

We're only including these CBD capsules from Beliebis because they were one of the first brands that popped up when we looked online, but actually they look pretty good. Each capsule contains 30mg of full-spectrum CBD, and there are 2 options for you to choose from (30 capsule jar and 60 capsule jar). We also like that these are totally vegan and that they're made with Hemp seed oil for easy absorption.

A tub of the 30mg CBD capsules from Beliebis will cost you £34.99, you get 900mg of CBD per tub (30 capsules so that is not too bad at all).


Full spectrum



Tad expensive

CBD Guru capsules

CBD Guru capsules (2 broad spectrum options)

Regular readers of our blog won't be surprised to see CBD Guru pop up in this list (they're usually in there somewhere). CBD Guru stock 2 different CBD capsule options, both of which are broad spectrum and made with MCT. You can choose between either 10mg of CBD per capsule or 25mg of CBD per capsule, so you have a nice choice of options. It's also great to see lab reports on the product pages for these capsules.

A tub of the 10mg CBD capsules (30 caps) will cost you £24.99. If you go for a pack of the 25mg capsules then it'll cost you £34.99.


Broad spectrum

Lab reports included


Only 2 options

Naturopathica CBD+ digestion capsule

Naturopathica CBD+ Digestion Capsules

We actually spoke about these CBD capsules in quite a bit of detail within our Naturopathica review, and although we think they could be improved somewhat, we still think they're some of the best CBD capsules we've tried from any UK brand. They've only got 5mg of CBD in each capsule which really isn't a lot, but the fact that they contain live cultures (1 billion per capsule) and Calcium Chloride really does make this a potent little pill. We managed to get these capsules from our local Holland and Barrett for less than £10 which seems like a really good deal considering they'll last us for an entire month, but the reason we paid that amount was because they were reduced to clear.

If you want a pack of the Naturopathica CBD capsules then it'll cost you as much as £39.99 for a full pack, pretty expensive!


Includes live cultures alongside CBD


Only 5mg CBD per capsule

Hope CBD capsule 10mg

Hope CBD capsules (10mg per cap)

We tried the 10mg CBD capsules from Glasgow based CBD brand Hope CBD, and found them to be pretty impressive. Firstly we much prefer softgel capsules to the harder shell capsules (as sold by UK brands like Naturopathica), just because they feel more comfortable in the mouth and are easy to swallow. One thing we don't like about these capsules however is that they are made with gelatine. They're pretty well priced (the cost is roughly £1 per capsule) and we'd say they're one of the best we've tried.

If you want a pack of 20 CBD capsules from Hope CBD, it'll cost you £19.99.



Softgel capsules 


Not vegetarian

Pureis CBD capsules
Pureis ultra pure CBD 20mg

Pureis CBD capsules (10mg or 20mg per cap)

Another great brand we've tried is Pureis - we've reviewed them very favourably elsewhere on our site and think their CBD capsules are some of the best we've tried for sure. Interestingly Pureis use CBD that is not plant-derived to create their CBD products. This might confuse some, but actually this removes the chance of things like pollutants, toxins, terpenes, heavy metals and pesticides being present. It also means that only CBD is in the capsule, so if you're a purist this is an ideal product.

You can buy a 7-day 7 pack of 10mg CBD capsules from Pureis for as little as £8 which is quite a good starting price. If you want the 20mg capsules for 28 days then it'll cost you £49.


Available in Holland and Barrett

Innovative product


A little expensive

Jacob Hooy CBD capsules

You might be surprised to see the Jacob Hooy CBD capsules in this list, but ultimately we felt we had to include them due to their popularity and very good price. If you're new to CBD and you're not a big fan of the taste of most CBD products, these CBD capsules from Jacob Hooy (available via Holland and Barrett) are a pretty solid choice.

Love CBD Entourage capsules

Love CBD Entourage capsules

We've got a full review of the Love CBD Entourage capsules that you can take a look at, but the short version is that we're big fans of these. They're broad-spectrum, they're well priced and they come from a very well-reviewed brand. Check them out!

What makes Love CBD one of the best CBD capsules brands in the UK?

Once again, there are lots of 5-star reviews for these CBD capsules on the Love CBD Trustpilot profile, and you can check all of those out here.

What does Reddit think are the best CBD capsules in the UK?

We often like to visit Reddit when looking for information about CBD, because there is a large and knowledgeable CBD community on the platform. We found lots of threads discussing the best UK options for CBD capsules, and the maiin brands we saw being discussed were:

CBD Brothers
FourFive CBD

In Conclusion

We're big fans of CBD capsules and think they're a great way to get your daily dose of CBD. Definitely check out the brands we've recommended above.

This guide was published by the CBD Bible team. We publish hundreds of guides every month, feel free to explore our website for more reviews and CBD guides.

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