Loveburgh CBD review (Honest Thoughts)

Loveburgh review

Before even thinking about buying some Loveburgh CBD Oil, check out our list of the best CBD products in Scotland (<— this is our list of the best we have tried)

In Summary

When it comes to quality, effectiveness, ethical and natural wellbeing, Loveburgh are pioneers in the field.

While the CBD oils have a strong hemp flavour, the formulas speak for themselves. Loveburgh are the retail arm of the Healthy Hemp Company which is a biotech manufacturer of all manner of CBD goods. 

If there is anything we recommend: we recommend the range of CBD cosmetics that Loveburgh offer. We are not big on cosmetics but we tried out their sports creams and were impressed. 

You can check them out via their website: 

Who are Loveburgh Raw?

When we talk about pioneers in the Scottish CBD industry, Loveburgh deserve a lot of credit. While other front runners (Flora Fusion, CBD Tardis etc…) repackage already existing products, Loveburgh started their journey on the very same land as Jacob Hooy, and have grown to own their own hemp farm, and production facility in Holland. This is very important when we understand the origin of CBD products and the claims that a lot of companies make. Loveburgh truly control the process from seed to shelf – there are plenty of companies who claim this but it is not true. 

Loveburgh is the retail arm of the Healthy Hemp Company (founded by Jas Nottay) who are a biotech manufacturer of CBD products. They offer a huge range of different CBD options including cosmetics, gummies, oils and raw extracts. 

Over the years, we have seen and head of the Loveburgh brand, and they have built a fantastic reputation with customers, and retailers alike for having a huge heart. It is no wonder that they are very quickly becoming the chosen products for huge retail chains and online stores right across the UK. As of 2018 Loveburgh is one of the fastest growing European Cannabis-brands, with products across hundreds of outlets in the UK, Netherlands, Spain, Denmark and now Poland. 


CBD Paste

Let us start with the Loveburgh CBD paste. CBD paste is a raw extract from the Hemp plant and comes in a syringe and is very popular with ‘experienced’ users of CBD. It is a very potent and effective form of CBD that is almost exactly how nature intended it to be. 

The flavour was very, very strong (nature of the CBD paste beast) but it was rich and spicy. Compared to the other pastes we tried it had an floral note, rather than a rich bitterness. 

We do have one bone of contention- although the paste came in a nicely designed box, the tube itself had a little sticker on it that wasn’t great quality (with some text missing/ faded out by the printer) and it was creased. It did make the tube feel very artisan, but compared to the other pastes, it didn’t do what was in the tube justice. 

CBD Oils

The CBD oil is the most popular CBD product in the UK and is what most people start using first. What interested us about the Loveburgh CBD oils is we were told by a close retailer friend; ‘The test of an oil is not if somebody buys it once, it is if they come back and buy it again. Loveburgh are by far the most popular with returning customers’ (paraphrasing of course). 

Right away, we thought they must be great. And to be honest, they are. 

There is a compromise that you have to make for having such an effective and potent oil. The taste. We have tried lots, and lots of oils and even our breath was taken back just a little bit. It is very strong and quite spicy. The stronger oils that have been made with an MCT blend taste much better and still pack a punch – so if you can’t bear the tastes you should try the MCT blends, or the sprays they offer.

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Loveburgh CBD Balms & Cosmetics

To Round Up our Loveburgh CBD Review

So, would we recommend Loveburgh CBD? Yes, we would. We are keeping a keen eye on what the company does next… 


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