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Updated January 29th, 2024

Love CBD is a popular CBD brand here in the UK, and one of the highest-rated on Trustpilot. We wanted to review Love CBD in-depth to see how good they are, let's get into it:


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Quick overview

It's amazing to think that Love CBD has been operating for more than 7 years and is still going strong. Their product range has expanded but they haven't flooded their range with rubbish, instead, they've slowly introduced new products such as their Entourage range. We think they're a really solid choice for anyone wanting to get started with CBD and we definitely give them a positive rating.

Who is Love CBD?

We have to talk about the Love CBD story because incredibly they've been around since 2014. This definitely makes them one of the oldest (if not the oldest) CBD brands operating in the UK, which is seriously impressive. The brand is based in Newmarket, Suffolk, and is stocked in lots of different high-street shops.

The fact that Love CBD was founded 7 years ago really sets them apart from most other brands that we review, as most brands were founded within the last few years. There is no doubt that this will give the brand a real advantage over others on the market.

What are the Love CBD products like?

We tried 3 of the most popular products within the Love CBD range - the balm (included in our best CBD balms & creams list), the 500mg CBD oil, and the Entourage oil. We'll look at each of these products in closer detail, starting with the 500mg oil.

Love CBD Dutch CBD Oil

The 500mg Dutch CBD oil from Love CBD is a broad spectrum oil, meaning it contains CBD alongside other plant goodness such as cannabinoids and terpenes, just without any THC. We love broad spectrum products because you can get your CBD fix and also get the benefits of the other plant goodness in there. We also like how Love CBD breaks down how much CBD you get per spray (2.9mg). Olive oil is the carrier used which is great for bioavailability, plus you get lab reports on the product page. Awesome!

Love CBD Entourage CBD Oil and capsules

Secondly, the Entourage oil really impressed us too. The entire Entourage range from Love CBD is great, and we previously reviewed their Entourage capsules positively.  We tried the 1400mg CBD oil, which again is a spray bottle. On a sidenote, it's interesting that all of the Love CBD oils are sold in spray bottles, making delivery easy. This is another broad spectrum product, but what makes this slightly different to the other oil we tried is that terpenes have been added to this product, which helps to further enhance the Entourage Effect. You get 8.13mg of CBD per Spray which is really impressive (we'd only need a few of these per day), so you basically get 170 sprays per bottle.

Love CBD balm

Lastly, we're big fans of the balm too. The jar we tried contained 300mg of CBD, which is a pretty excellent dosage for a topical CBD product. We loved the scent (the balm is made with Rosemary oil) and the texture, plus the price was great.

Overall, we're super impressed with the Love CBD product range and we highly recommend you check it out.

Lastly, we wanted to include a section about the



Love CBD 500mg CBD oil

Love CBD 500mg CBD oil

Love CBD Entourage oil

Love CBD Entourage oil 1400mg

Love CBD balm

Love CBD balm 300mg

What are the Love CBD third-party reviews like?

Love CBD collects reviews via Trustpilot, our preferred third-party review platform. And yes, you're reading that right - the brand has more than 4000 reviews on the platform. This is seriously impressive and is probably the best CBD Trustpilot out there. Overall reviewers seem delighted with the products and service, make sure you visit the profile which you can view here.

Love CBD Trustpilot reviews

Anything else to mention?

The bottles that we bought were 20ml, typically we buy 10ml bottles but we actually didn't mind the 20ml size and found it to be quite convenient for the spray. Nice!

We also wanted to mention that the Love CBD Facebook page is really active, and they often give shoutouts to small local shops that stock their products which is really nice to see. You can check out their Facebook page here.

back of Love CBD 500mg oil

In Conclusion

Overall it's no surprise that after more than 7 years in the business, Love CBD is doing a great job. We highly recommend you check the products out!

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