Best CBD Creams you can buy in the UK (Top 9 Options)

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Updated November 2nd, 2023

So, you love your skin and want to buy something that is ethical, does not contain chemicals and gives you a glow that everybody is complimenting? Well, sadly, you're best avoiding most of the CBD creams and balms you can find on UK high-street shelves.

Luckily there are some amazing CBD cream brands out there that we rate really highly, and we've included a handful of them on this page.

We are a bunch of people who know quite a bit about CBD and have done some in-depth research into the benefits of CBD creams and what makes a naturally produced healthy product for your skin.

If you want the best CBD balm or cream that does not undo the years of maintenance, then check out our recommendations. But first, let's explain why you might want to use a product like this:

Where to buy the best CBD Balms & Creams UK?

There are a range of CBD Balms & creams from UK high-street stores but we would suggest that you avoid those- those guys know as much about CBD as your foot. A CBD specialist is where you want to go.

We have put together a list of the best CBD creams, balms, cooling gels and moisturizers which have been approved by our team. We want to help you avoid the chemical layden creams which may even cause more inflammation and leave your skin worse off.

Whether you are looking for something to help protects your chapped lips, or something to help reduce itchy or painful skin, or even something to help you look a little younger, you will find plenty of options right here!

Kloris Superior CBD balm

Kloris Superior CBD balm (66mg)

Kloris are quickly growing into one of the most popular topical CBD brands in the UK, and have recently secured investment from Ant and Dec (a bit random). We grabbed their high-strength CBD balm from Boots and were impressed to see that it contained a whopping 66mg of CBD in a 5ml tub. Now that's how you do a topical CBD product! We loved the smell (the hemp really comes through) it it felt great on our skin.

How much does it cost? £11.99

Buy it here -

Thisworks CBD Body cocoon

This Works CBD Body cocoon

This Works is a brand which specialises in sleep and skincare products, so it's no surprise to see that they've hopped onto the CBD train. We tried their CBD body cocoon, which is a body lotion made with shea butter and essential oils.

Buy it here for less than £20 -

Cannabigold moisturizing CBD balm 50mg

Cannabigold moisturizing CBD balm 50mg (200ml)

Cannabigold are a popular CBD brand, and you'll find their products stocked in places like Holland & Barrett. They're best known for their topical products, and one of their most popular products is their Moisturizing CBD Balm. Each 200ml bottle of this balm contains 50mg of CBD, which isn't a huge amount but is still not bad. The balm works well to keep the skin feeling hydrated and the scent is pleasant but not overpowering. For the price, this is a pretty great CBD cream to go for.

How much does it cost? £10 per 200ml bottle.

Where can you buy it?

Poko CBD eye cream

Poko CBD Correcting Eye Cream (300mg)

Poko CBD are well-known for their CBD beauty products, but we've decided to highlight their correcting eye cream as it's a pretty unique product. Created to help reduce puffiness and nourish the skin beneath the eyes, the product contains 300mg of CBD that helps to reduce inflammation and moisturise the skin. Give it a shot!

How much does it cost? £24

Where can you buy it from? Here:

CBD Guru Heat Balm 500mg

CBD Guru Tiger Balm

CBD Guru has 2 CBD balms within their range, both of which are intended to help with muscle aches and pains. We're big fans of the heat balm which has a soothing effect and helps to relax muscles. It also contains 500mg of CBD which is a great concentration for a CBD cream.

How much does it cost? £19.99

Where can you buy it from?

Loveburgh CBD day lotion cream

Loveburgh Simple Day Lotion Cream (250mg of CBD)

Loveburgh is one of our favourite brands at the moment, and they have just launched a brand new range of CBD cosmetics. We managed to try a couple out and did some research into what makes them great.

The reason why the Loveburgh CBD day lotion cream is at the top of our list is down to the technology behind the lovely-looking package.

We found that this lotion left our skin feeling tight, soft and smooth. Unlike other CBD creams we have tried, this one was absorbed very quickly into the skin and didn't feel greasy at all. It felt thick and luxurious despite being one of the most cost-effective cosmetics we have found.

Each tub comes with 250mg of CBD in a 100ml bottle. The bottle has a pump which makes it easy to get a consistent amount of lotion out.

How much does it cost? £29.99 per tub.

Where can you buy it?

Naturecan CBD balm

Naturecan Chilli Heat cream

Naturecan has 3 different balms on their website, including the slightly scary sounding 'Chill Heat' muscle rub. Better watch where you apply that one. It contains 1000mg of CBD per tub.

How much does it cost? £29.99 per 100ml

Where can you buy it from?

Love CBD balm

Love CBD cream

There are 3 varieties of balm to choose from on the Love CBD website, ranging in size from 10g (100mg of CBD) to 100g (1000mg of CBD). Love CBD are a trusted brand and their balm is great.

How much does it cost? £13.99

Where can you buy it from?

Holland & Barrett CBD Day Cream 50ml

Holland & Barrett CBD Day Cream 50ml

We've included the Holland & Barrett CBD Day Cream in this guide because we loved the texture and the smell of this cream, but it definitely has some drawbacks. Firstly, the CBD concentration is questionable - there is no indication of how much CBD is in the tub, nor what type of CBD it is. But we can definitely tell it contains CBD.

How much does it cost? £14.99

Where can you buy it from?

In Conclusion

CBD creams can be a fantastic addition to almost any skincare routine, check out the brands we've recommended above and see how it works for you!

This guide was published by the CBD Bible team. We publish hundreds of guides every month, feel free to explore our website for more reviews and CBD guides.

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