Jacob Hooy CBD capsules (Our Honest Review)

Jacob Hooy CBD capsules review

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Updated September 25th 2021

By this point on your CBD journey, you've probably heard of the Jacob Hooy brand sold by the popular high street retailer Holland and Barrett. They're really popular, and despite what we think about the brand, there is no denying that they have a loyal following. We've mostly spoken about the Jacob Hooy oils on our blog, but actually the Jacob Hooy CBD capsules are perhaps one of the most popular products in the range. We thought it would useful to conduct a short review of the Jacob Hooy CBD capsules, and try to explain why they're popular and what we think of them. Let's get into it:


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Why would someone want to buy Jacob Hooy CBD capsules?

We're big fans of CBD oil, so it can sometimes seem strange to us why someone would want to buy any brand of CBD capsule. But actually they're really convenient, they're not messy and you don't have to taste anything, so we can understand why people might want to buy them. As for Jacob Hooy CBD capsules, it's likely that many of the people buying from Holland and Barrett like the idea of CBD oil, but don't want to taste anything. So this is likely why the Jacob Hooy CBD capsules have been so popular - they're more for CBD newcomers than experienced users. 

What do we think of the Jacob Hooy CBD capsules?

When reviewing CBD capsules, it can be quite tricky. You can't taste anything or see anything, so unless you're willing to cut the capsules open you sort of have to rely on your instincts.


What we'd say about the Jacob Hooy CBD capsules, first of all, is that they're affordable and at 10mg , 15mg or 20mg of CBD per capsule, they're also very convenient. If you're new to CBD and just looking for a consistent source of CBD to get started with, these are a good choice.


However we're not big fans of the capsules themselves - we prefer the chewier capsules made from modified food starch as we believe they can be digested more easily. The Jacob Hooy CBD capsules contain hemp seed oil, but we typically prefer capsules that contain MCT (which is better for improving absorption of the CBD)


So to conclude, these CBD capsules look good for beginners and a great affordable option. But if you're serious about CBD absorption, we'd recommend looking elsewhere.

What are the third-party reviews like for Jacob Hooy CBD capsules?

Jacob Hooy CBD capsules reviews

You can read the reviews for the Jacob Hooy CBD capsules on the Holland and Barrett website directly on the product pages, which is really useful. The 10mg Jacob Hooy CBD capsules are sitting with a rating of 4.2 out of 5 from almost 500 reviews, a pretty impressive rating by anyone's standards. Overall reviewers seem really happy with their purchase and many have clearly bought several times. It's worth taking a look at these for yourself. 

What does Reddit think of Jacob Hooy CBD capsules?

Jacob Hooy CBD capsules reddit
We found a couple of Reddit threads that mentioned the Jacob Hooy CBD capsules, mostly from beginners who were asking for advice about them. Overall people in the comments seem to suggest that the capsules are good to begin with, but seem to agree that you're always best with CBD oil - we agree!
Jacob Hooy CBD capsules review

In Conclusion

So overall we think that the CBD capsules from Jacob Hooy are a good option for CBD beginners, but more experienced users should probably look elsewhere.


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