Ice Cream Cake Strain (Review)

Strain | 75% Indica Hybrid

Cannabinoids | THC (25%) | CBD (<1%)

Terpenes | Limonene, Beta-Caryophyllene, Linalool.

Ice Cream Cake strain

More About Ice Cream Cake

The Ice Cream Cake strain is one of those hybrids which are the best of two amazing worlds. The guys at Seed junky Genetics from California crossed the sweet and creamy Wedding Cake with the fruity Gelato 33 to produce one of the most under-rated Indica dominant strains out there.



What Does it Look Like? 

The strain is well known for its Christmassy dusting of trichomes and dark green complexion and purple hues.The buds depth of colour means that to look at it closely unlocks nuanced colours. The buds tend to be dense and coned in bunches which are thick with resin. Even the orange pistils which poke out of the darkness are glued onto the buds by the thick sticky layer. 

The stickiness makes the buds difficult to break apart by hand so a robust grinder and a scoop may be needed to get a nice fine grind. 


Flavours & Aromas

Although the Ice Cream Cake is a slightly lesser-known strain, it is gaining huge popularity down to its nice and easy flavours, and its potent heavy THC hit. It is not unknown for strains to be tested at above or around 25% which makes the strain more suited to experienced users.

The ice cream cake strain has inherited a sweet vanilla flavour which is often described as similar to a sugary doughnut. One of the strangest notes is that similar to Cheese, which may sound absurd but is actually very moreish.


The Ice Cream Cake High

The Indica dominant strain is fairly heavy-hitting too, meaning that it will be easy to enjoy a great nights sleep after smoking. Like many indicas, the strain starts with a very heady rush of euphoria and the feeling of your worries melting away slowly – like a rolling warm scoop of ice cream. The head effects may make you quite social for a short amount of time before the body high sets in which will start to draw your energy down into a sedative haze. It may be best to find yourself a spot on the couch to drift off.

This strain is perfectly suited to an early evening of playing borderlands on a beanbag. Light up, relax and make sure you don’t have any plans until tomorrow!

In terms of medical use, the Ice Cream Cake Strain is well rumoured to aid those who suffer from insomnia but also from physical pain – whether that me headaches, DOMS (muscle soreness) or something else. You may also imagine that the strain could be a great help if you struggle with anxiety as your troubles melt away.


Where to buy Ice Cream Cake Marijuana?

The Ice Cream Cake strain sounds amazing but you will be sad to know that the strain is very hard to get your hands on. Seed Junky Genetics are said to be very protective over their strains and only make them accessible via local dispensaries in the USA. It means that this stain is very illusive in the UK (other than it being illegal). You should consider an alternative, therefore, of potentially one of its genetic predecessors.


The strains have high levels of THC (up to 25%) and very low levels of CBD which means that this strain is particularly potent. You should be aware that there are potential negative side effects which come with high THC strains- the list of noted effects are as below: 

  1. Anxiety
  2. Dry Eyes
  3. Dry Mouth
  4. Paranoia 
  5. Dizzyness