Why Does Weed Turn Purple & Do Purple Stains Make You Sleepy?

Cannabis comes in a whole range of shapes and sizes, but it isn’t know for being the most colourful of plants. While most cannabis buds are fairly unasuming, there are a few that have a really interesting colour scheme which make them extremely appealing.

For example the lovely Blue Dream and its faint blue sparkle to Dour Diesels bright orange hairs and stardawgs wonderful sparkle. While there colours can be really cool and eye catching, the most favoured among our team is the colour purple!

Purple strains are wonderful and draw a lot of attention. There is a suggestion that the purple colour identifies a sleepy indica strain but that is not always true. There are a few reasons why a weed strain is purple and not all of them will make you sleepy. So, why does weed turn purple?


Dude, why is my Cannabis Purple?

While most strains of cannabis are a shade of green, there are some which grow to become particularly dark in colour: some of them are almost purple (one or two are almost completely black). It gives the impression that the buds are really dense and offer a slow, sleepy and relaxing experience (often attributed with the Indica strain)- plus some of the most famous purple strains are indicas. In actual fact, a sativa strain can also come out purple depending on how it is grown.

The main cause of a dark/ purple is a group of pigments called Anthocyanins. They can be found in almost every vegetable or fruit which is red, blue, purple or black – anything from a tomato, to a cherry or bramble. The colur depends on the Plant’s PH levels but can also be influenced by the temperature of the growing conditions and exposure to light. The cold is often a trigger for the strain to turn purple – funnily enough, the cold is where indicas come from. While the trigger is the environment, the stain must already be predisposed to the purple colour.

There are some strains which grow to become a particularly dark colour which gives them the appearance of almost purple. In some cases, some of the buds grow so dark that they look almost black. This gives the impression that the buds are really dense (much like an Indica strain) they may hold the secrets to sleepy or slow experiences.

Which Cannabis Strains are Purple?

There are quite a few purple cannabis strains out there – some of them are much more popular and well known than others. Arguably the most famous is Granddaddy Purple and its heritage – Purple Urkle and Big Bud – Purple Punch and Blackberry Kush. All of which are spectacular strains which do have a sleepy, sedative effect. One of the reasons why the purple colour is associated with a sleepy experience is almost certainly down to the fact that Granddaddy Purple is one of the most well known examples of an indica strain. A hit of the Purple Granddaddy will not glue you to the sofa but will certainly help you get some kip.

There are a few stains which are purple but have an uplifting effect- which is typically associated with a Sativa strain. Tropicana Cookies and Sherbert are bright purple strains that give an energising and uplifting high. The wonderful fruity aromas of both are great for a morning bake.


Will Purple Cannabis Put Me To Sleep?

If you’re asking will purple cannabis put me to sleep then hopefully this question is answered – not all of the time. Cannabis is fairly complicated and it does not follow the traditional rules that we once thought were true. It is much better to research your strain before partaking – whether it is purple or not does not determine its effect for sure.


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