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ICE Headshop review - a CBD superstore

ICE Headshop review

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Updated May 31st, 2021

We've been running CBD Bible for quite a while now, and somehow we've managed to never review ICE Headshop. Look online for CBD products and you'll find their website everywhere. We know lots of our readers buy from ICE Headshop, so we thought it would be useful to conduct a review of them. As always we'll be taking a look at their:


Who is ICE Headshop?

What are the ICE Headshop CBD products like?

What are the ICE Headshop third-party reviews like?


So let's get into the review:

Before thinking about buying from ICE Headshop, check out our Best CBD Oil Products from the UK (<— this is our list of the best we have tried) ... check out our post after reading this review.

Who is ICE Headshop?

Unlike many of these large CBD marketplaces that we review, there is actually quite a nice 'About' section of the ICE Headshop website with some background information about the brand. The team behind ICE Headshop boasts more than 10 years of experience in the CBD industry, which is impressive. They claim to have the best selection of CBD products in the UK, and looking at their website we could certainly believe that. Definitely explore the 'About' section of the ICE Headshop website for more information.

What are the ICE Headshop CBD products like?

There are so many CBD brands and varieties of products on the ICE Headshop website that it's hard to know where to start. We'll start by giving a mention to all of the brands stocked by ICE Headshop that we're already familiar with and have rated highly previously - CBD brands like Aztec, CBD Asylum, Provacan and Naturecan are all brands that we really like and we're delighted to see them sold via the ICE Headshop website. It's also great to see some US brands like Floyds of Leadville, which are harder to get here in the UK.

We're also interested in the range of CBD products stocked by ICE Headshop - sure they've got the usual suspects like CBD oils (full spectrum, broad spectrum and isolate) and capsules, but it is also interesting to see energy pills and DIY CBD kits. Kind of random but can't argue that there really is something for everyone.

There is way too much to dig into and ultimately, you're best to just jump onto their website and explore it for yourself.




What are the ICE Headshop third-party reviews like?

The best place to find reviews for ICE Headshop is on, a great third-party review platform. They're currently sitting with a really impressive rating of 4.7 from over 7k reviews. Overall reviewers seem really happy with the quality of the range as well as the customer service provided by ICE Headshop, definitely check out their profile.

ICE Headshop

In Conclusion

If you're brand new to CBD then it can be really useful to have an option like ICE Headshop. They stock a number of the best CBD brands in the UK and have a great selection of products, plus they have a number of discount codes. Check them out!

This review was published by the CBD Bible team. We publish hundreds of reviews every month, feel free to explore our website for more reviews and CBD guides.

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