Holistic Herb CBD oil review (Our Honest Thoughts)

Holistic Herb CBD oil review

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Updated November 02, 2022

Holistic Herb are a CBD company based in the UK. You'll find their bottles on the shelves of Holland and Barrett), but aside from that it's pretty hard to find anything else about the company. Their website was down for a while, and despite their popularity, we don't know much about them. They're very popular despite being shrouded in mystery, so we thought it would be a good idea to review them. As always we'll be taking a look at their:


Who is Holistic Herb CBD?

What are the Holistic Herb CBD products like?

What are the Holistic Herb CBD third-party reviews like?

Is Holistic Herb CBD oil any good?


So let's get into the review:

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Who is Holistic Herb CBD?

The Holistic Herb CBD website was only launched in August 2020, so it is still relatively new. Therefore there hasn't been a huge amount of information added to the website, but we do appreciate that there is a little bit of background information on there. For example. we can see that Holistic Herb CBD have been around since 2018, which actually is a bit longer than we realised. Their CBD products are stocked in more than 700 Holland & Barrett stores across the UK, another impressive fact. Overall we can see that these guys are clearly doing something right, or they have friends in the right places!

What are the Holistic Herb CBD products like?

Again, we don't know for sure about the contents of the CBD oil bottles but we do know about the concentrations sold by Holistic Herb. They’ve got 3 bottle sizes at 15ml, 30ml and 60ml, and each size is labeled as having a strength of 4.2mg or 8.1mg CBD respectively. This is where it starts getting a bit confusing - do they mean 4.2mg and 8.2mg per drop? If it isn't then these products are seriously weak and you'll have to drink half the bottle to benefit.

Furthermore, we couldn't find any lab reports for the CBD oils from these guys. The Holland and Barrett site says that the Holistic Herb products are "15x more bioavailable than regular CBD". What does this mean? Who knows.

If these guys weren't associated with Holland and Barrett, we'd have some serious red flags going off right now. But they must be ok..right?

Holistic Herb CBD oil
Holistic Herb CBD capsules

What are the Holistic Herb CBD reviews like?

Again, very little to report here.  There is no Trustpilot or Feefo profile to be found for Holistic Herb, the only reviews you'll find are on the Holland and Barrett product pages. Despite everything we've said so far in our review, it does have to be said that customers seem pretty happy with the Holistic Herb CBD products according to these reviews. Many customers see these products as a stronger/better upgrade from the Jacob Hooy own brand CBD from Holland and Barrett. Still, we'd much rather see reviews somewhere like Truspilot so we could verify them as legitimate and impartial.

Is Holistic Herb CBD oil any good?

In short - yes, we think the Holistic Herb CBD oil is good for beginners who are on a budget. More serious CBD oil users might prefer to buy from a brand that includes lab reports on their website though.

Anything else to mention?

Yes - we were very surprised to see an E number listed within the ingredients of the oil we bought (pictured). This is definitely not something we typically want to consume, particularly not alongside our CBD oil which we consume for health purposes.

Holistic Herb CBD oil E number

In Conclusion

Yeh, this is a tough one. There's no denying that these guys have loads of fans and there are lots of people who really rate Holistic Herb CBD. However, we can't in good faith recommend the brand if we don't even know what's in their bottles. Until we see lab reports we'll have to refrain from giving a final verdict.

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