Green Monkey CBD (Our Honest Review)

Green Monkey CBD review

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Updated March 15th, 2021

Green Monkey CBD is an interesting CBD company based in the UK. They seem to be very well known for their range of fizzy drinks, and from what we can find, it is the only product that they sell. For a company to only sell fizzy drinks to be so popular is amazing. We found their products popping up in local hemp shops & corner shops so we decided we'd review this company based on our own experiences with their products, as well as the reviews of others. Let's get into the review:

Although you may be interested in drinking some of the lovely Green Monkey, it may not be the most effective CBD delivery method. We have reviewed plenty of CBD oil companies and have compiled a list of the best we know. Check out our Best CBD Oil from the UK including  Provacan, CBD Brothers, Hempura & more.

Who is Green Monkey CBD?

Green Monkey CBD are the creators of the UK's first carbonated CBD drink. The drinks are impressive because they taste good, they're made with real fruit and most importantly, they actually include a significant amount of CBD. But in terms of information about the company, we couldn't find too much about the history of Green Monkey CBD online. The only information we could find about the company was some press they did last year where the owner of Green Monkey CBD, called Serge Davies, where he mentioned that business was going very well.

What are the Green Monkey CBD drinks like?

We grabbed a bunch of Green Monkey CBD drinks cans from our local corner shop during lunchtime and brought them back to the office for everybody to try. First impressions are that they taste great. Honestly, not too different to other carbonated drinks but also not dissimilar to an energy drink. The fact is though that the Green Monkey CBD drinks do not contain Caffeine and are completely natural. In terms of the feeling you can get from CBD, we didn't really get it. But is that really the point of these drinks? They are a great, healthy alternative to a fizzy drink and contain CBD which is great for your wellbeing generally.

We tried both flavours and we prefer the Berry Burst - it has a nice fruity flavour that is much more natural tasting than the Green original. That is not to say that the Original is not enjoyable. The CBD drinks industry is growing very, very quickly and we think that Green Monkey offers the best that we have tried. Although the two companies are very different, Green Monkey CBD reminds us very much of the Kolibri drinks CBD selection - Green Monkey CBD can easily cater to the alcohol industry as a healthy alternative to fizzy juice.

The thing that stands out for us is the branding. From the website, social media to the cans themselves, there has clearly been a lot of time and effort put into the way everything looks. We love the branding and designs and think they stand alone as some of the best we have seen in the CBD world.

What are the Green Monkey CBD third-party reviews like?

Overall, Green Monkey CBD have some great reviews. It can't be denied, their products taste great. At the moment they have 2 flavours of their drinks - their original flavour (which is a mix of orange, pineapple and yuzu) and berry blast, which is a bit newer. People love the taste of the drinks, but also people love the fact that there is 10mg of CBD in each can, enough to provide the benefits.

But in terms of customer reviews, the only place where you can read Green Monkey CBD customer reviews is on their Facebook page. The reviews on there are mixed, with some people not too happy. But for the most part customers love the drinks. Definitely check out those reviews for yourself.

Green Monkey CBD Facebook reviews

What does Reddit think of Green Monkey CBD?

Green Monkey CBD reddit thread

We like to check Reddit when reviewing CBD brands like Green Monkey CBD because usually there are people on there chatting about good brands, and sure enough we saw a number of threads. The screenshot above is from the daughter of the company who is clearly very proud of her dad! Definitely check out Reddit for more threads about Green Monkey CBD.

Green Monkey CBD review

In Conclusion

If you're looking for a good CBD drink then you can't do much better than Green Monkey CBD, definitely check them out!

This review was published by the CBD Bible team. We publish hundreds of reviews every month, feel free to explore our website for more reviews and CBD guides.

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