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elitemii are a CBD company based in the UK. We first heard about these guys after seeing their products featured in some high-profile publications and we were impressed with what we saw, so decided they would be worth a review. We ended up including elitemii in our list of the best CBD brands on the market in the UK, so check them out there. As with all of our reviews, we'll be taking a look at:

So let's get into it:


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Who are elitemii?

elitemii was founded after the team behind the brand wanted to help close family and friends who were dealing with chronic pain, stress & general anxiety. The team knew that CBD had the potential to help with these issues, but after researching products they found most of them to be below par. This inspired the team to create their own CBD brand, focusing on producing high-quality products without the inflated price tag you find on most high street shelves. 

We love this backstory because it shows that the team behind elitemii entered this industry with a genuine passion for CBD and a desire to help people. It's refreshing to see!

What are the elitemii products like?

The elitemii product range is quite extensive and consists of oils, CBD capsules, vape liquids and topical products. It's nice to see such a varied product range, but for the purposes of this review we'll be focusing mostly on the oil range as that is what we prefer to consume. 
elitemii have 2 oils, at 10% and 20% concentration. These are full-spectrum oils which is great to see - this means they contain not just CBD but also other cannabinoids like CBDa and CBG, as well as a small but legal amount of THC. When consumed, this blend of cannabinoids allows users to benefit from a feeling called "the entourage effect" whereby all of these cannabinoids work in harmony to provide the consumer with a blissful sensation. This is excellent to see as we're big fans of full spectrum products, and it's also great to see that elitemii have included the lab certificates on the product pages. These oils are also vegan and organic, awesome. 
Overall we love the look of these oils and we're very happy to see them for sale on the elitemii website. 
We'll also give a mention to the vape liquids in the elitemii range - there are 3 to choose from, each containing 1000mg of CBD. They're available in 3 flavours (including Forest Fruits) and are all THC free. These look really great and we're actually pretty keen on vaping CBD at the moment, mainly because it allows the cannabinoids to get into your system really quickly. Definitely check these out. We also have to mention that the massage oil and the balm from elitemii contain natural ingredients which are 100% organic and are great for your skin.  Definitely explore their website for more information about this. 

What are the elitemii reviews like?

elitemii collect reviews on their product pages, so you can read reviews for specific products on their website. For example, their 10% oil is currently sitting with a perfect 5-star rating. Overall the customers who have left reviews seem absolutely delighted with the quality of the products, as well as the customer service provided by elitemii. Definitely check those reviews out on the elitemii website. 

Much better than the previous oils I've tried, will definitely buy again

A review from the elitemii website

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In Conclusion

So there is a lot to really like about elitemii – they’ve been around for ages, they have a really loyal following and their oils are great. We love to see full spectrum products and especially when they come complete with lab reports. It's also worth mentioning that these guys offer free UK delivery too. Check them out!