CBD ONE (Our Honest Review – April 2021 Update)

We first heard about CBD ONE after seeing them pop up in a number of 'best cbd oil uk' posts online. We also saw that these guys had been on featured on the BBC and that they're based in Preston, not far from Paradise CBD.

This intrigued us, so we started digging and found out that these guys are actually pretty popular. So it felt right to put these guys up to the test and write a review of CBD ONE. We'll be taking a look at their products, customer service and reviews to see if they're worth your time. Let's get into the review:

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The best place to grab the oil is on Amazon where you can get the full range, with next day prime delivery.

In Summary

To round everything up CBD One offer some exceptional products and we are sure that you will enjoy almost anything you they offer. They use a great network of suppliers for some great products. 

Their website is really great and all of the imagery is fantastic. 

We contacted customer support who also confirmed that the oils were full-spectrum and had passed their novel food application. 


What are the CBD ONE products like?

Before we start talking about the CBD ONE products, we need to mention their site. It's really brilliant, easy to use and looks great. So top marks there. On their shop page they've got a slider you can use to select the price range you want to see products within - this is awesome. Anyway, into the juicy stuff.

CBD ONE have a pretty extensive products range, with everything from CBD oils and shots of CBG oil (a quick word on CBG oil, we're not as experienced with the CBG compound but we're excited to see more research and evidence of it's benefits). Looking at the oils, CBD One claim that all of their products are full spectrum (contains THC) and we can see that the oils contain a small amount. 

They've got that really tarry thick look, so you know they're full of plant goodness. Plus, lab reports for each oil are easily accessible on each product page. They've got 4 oils available in concentrations from 2.5% to 20%, a nice range to choose from.

In terms of price, the CBD One oils are actually fair. They offer their 500mgs at a reasonable £39. As the oils go higher however, the price becomes a little bit higher - the 1000mg is £69 (£50-£60 is about average) and the 2000mg is £129 (£80-£100 is about average).

CBD One Absorb Life, Absorb Ultra & Absorb Pure.

As far as other products go, CBD ONE also have some water soluble CBD products. We are actually quite familiar with this range of products but from other CBD companies in the UK. The manufacture has a fantastic reputation for some of the best CBD products from the UK. CBD one will have done their research and will be covered in some of the up-coming novel food implications.

We know that the water soluble CBD is great, but we're not sure how effective they are compared to oils/pastes because the body does not absorb water soluble compounds as well as fat soluble (whereas with a paste/oil you can hold the product under your tongue for a bit to allow for better absorption). Still though, your body will definitely be able to absorb the CBD from these water soluble products so we're happy to see them on offer. These products are also full spectrum and the product pages are just chock a block with information about them. Really impressive.

CBD One Patches

One of the up and coming products on the market are CBD patches. If you ask us, we are not so keen on these patches but the theory is that the CBD is absorbed into your skin over a certain period of time; much like nicotine patches.  In theory they are very easy to apply and should give you a nice dose of CBD. We'd say that they are not as effective as oils or other CBD products, but could be a good alternative. We're yet to try them out so we shall see!


Harry is the primary writer at CBD Bible. He has been writing about CBD for more than 5 years and has had his writing featured on a number of high-profile publications. Find him on Twitter @CBDBibleUK