Best CBD oil in Glasgow (Our Honest Favourites)

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Updated November 2nd 2021

Between the two biggest cities in Scotland, Edinburgh and Glasgow have very different CBD ecosystems. While people in Edinburgh have shown some interest, CBD oil in Glasgow seems to very popular, and people are very passionate about it here. From the very beginning, Glasgow was the front runner for the CBD industry and is currently home to a few of the biggest CBD companies in the UK.

Now, if you have found this page, you will be looking for the best CBD oil in Glasgow for you- and there are a couple of websites that are based in Glasgow but are simply selling products which are bought directly from producers in Holland, and do not support local people in Glasgow. We have compiled a list of CBD companies who provide oils that are based in Glasgow, or Scotland, which match the ethos, needs and culture of our city of culture. We want to provide several options so that you can make an informed decision as to which CBD oil is best for your needs!!

Each of these products are in no particular order but If you wished to see our favorite CBD companies from Scotland, click the link.

1. CBDiablo

While CBDiablo is not strictly a Glasgow-based CBD company, CBDiablo is an online entity based in Scotland and we believe they offer a CBD brand which we feel perfectly represents what Glasgow is about.

Firstly, the oil itself is an Organic hemp oil which is 100% natural and has been fully lab tested. The oils are produced right here in the UK and are a full - spectrum product. When it comes to an effective CBD oil, there aren't many other boxes to tick. The price of the oils have also been set to ensure that the oils are affordable and fairly priced:.

Glasgow is the beating heart of art and culture in Scotland and prides itself on it's history of artistic brilliance... CBDiablo have put a lot of time and love into their branding so that it stands out as a concept. Each strength is given its own identity (Dina, the angel of learning, Diablo, the flagship, Dian- the celtic god of healing and vitality and deity- the supreme being).  Although branding isn't everything, we feel that the brand allows people to get passionate about the company!

Secondly, and maybe more importantly, CBDiablo also give 20% of their profits to mental health charities in Scotland. Particularly in Glasgow, mental health support is very important to the people in the city as Glasgow is the most affected by anxiety, depression and other mental health conditions in Scotland. We think that if you are going to buy a CBD oil in Glasgow, buy a great product which is fairly priced and supports a good cause which is close to the heart of the city.

As a negative, the oils do have that strong taste which some people love, but others really hate.

Find CBDiablo here.

CBDiablo CBD gummies 2 sizes

The gummies from CBDiablo are one of their best products

2. Cannadonia

Our No.2 spot is firmly held by Cannadonia. As one of Glasgow's CBD heavy weights, Cannadonia is a very popular choice for customers CBD needs, right across Scotland. Their oils in particular are very popular as they are clean tasting and smooth, yet they still maintain a high level of a wide range of Cannabinoids- making all of the oils full-spectrum products. The price point is very slightly higher than the standard price you may expect for a 5% or 10% CBD oil from Glasgow but we defiantly feel as thought this is worth it for such a quality light tasting oil.

We also think that the branding is superb. It represents the clean and clinical quality of the oil yet doesn't shy away from the fact that the products they provide are derived from Cannabis. Everything about Cannadonia is slick, cool and professional and certainly will cater for those who wish to use CBD to aid a medical condition. With such a wide range of other CBD products, Cannadonia would be a great choice no matter what kind of CBD you are looking for.

Find Cannadonia here.

3. HopeCBD

Now, we have mixed feelings about HopeCBD (read the full review here). They are based just outside of Glasgow, and retain the slick and clean branding which is shared by Cannadonia, but we are a little unsure as to their 'authenticity' and the quality of their oils in-particular. In saying this, I am a regular buyer of their CBD Morning and Evening Tea- I think they are fantastic and are a really great calming way to take on some of those wonderful cannabinoids. The owners of the company are clearly tycoons/ a tycoon and have a lot of money to splash on new product ranges and marketing.... they renamed a football stadium after the company for crying out loud. For us this is a little bit of a put off, the whole ethos behind the CBD industry is about supporting small people and turning our back on pharmaceuticals and instead looking into more natural alternatives.

While there are some fantastic products on offer from HopeCBD, we aren't too keen on their oils and they do not seem to be popular/ highly reviewed either. They do however, offer some really unique products such as a Naturale Cannabis Oil, peppermint flavoured oils and some very reasonably priced Hemp oils. If anything we would always recommend the CBD tea... if you can get your hands on it. It is so popular that it often goes out of stock! 🙁

Hope CBD tea

The tea from Hope CBD is definitely their best product

4. Flora Fusion

Another Scottish CBD company not technically based in Glasgow but still worth a look is Flora Fusion. This brand has been around for a number of years and has built up a loyal following since inception.

Flora Fusion Trustpilot reviews