CBD Ethics (Our Honest Review)

CBD Ethics are a CBD company based in the UK, in Brighton to be specific (not far from where Bristol CBD are based). Brighton is a great part of the country and well worth a visit if you’ve never been before. We’d heard a bit of buzz about these guys and saw that they had a popular physical store in Brighton, so we thought we’d do a short review of them.

We’ll be taking a look at their products, reviews and customer service to see if they’re worth your time. Let’s get into the review:

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CBD Ethics
Source: CBD Ethics

Who are CBD Ethics?

CBD Ethics is a cannabis/ CBD shop based in Brighton. They sell a huge range of cannabis products, but mainly branded CBD products from a range of producers. As they are a physical location, they are able to provide the UK’s leading brands to their local comunity.

CBD Ethics was set up by two friends who still own and run the shop today. They both have a keen eye for great CBD products and they make a point of being ethical and sustainable where possible.


What are the CBD Ethics products like?

CBD Ethics sell products from a number of companies in the UK, including Amma Life. There is actually a pink CBD paste from Amma Life which looks pretty interesting. CBD Ethics also have oils from companies like Love Hemp.
Their range is small and concentrated on the brands that they clearly rate. Sometimes the more brands a shop has, the less they know about CBD and they are just seeing what sticks. A handful is all you need really, and they’ve got something for everyone (including complete beginners).
Aside from that, CBD Ethics also have a bunch of other CBD products stocked, like vape oils and edibles. They also provide all kinds of cannabis accessories such as wrapping papers, vaporisers, ashtrays and merch.

What are the CBD Ethics reviews like?

Overall customers seem absolutely delighted with the service they’ve received from CBD Ethics over the years, with many reviewers highlighting how knowledgeable the shop team are.
We don’t often see a large number of Google reviews, but CBD Ethics have lots on there that are great to read if you want to get an idea of what the shop is like. Many reviewers also seem to be big fans of the wide selection of products on offer, and it definitely seems like the vape stuff is the most popular.

What does Reddit think of CBD Ethics?

CBD Ethics Reddit
We always like to check Reddit for reviews of CBD companies, because there is a very active CBD community on Reddit. Sure enough, we found a thread where a user had mentioned CBD Ethics (pictured above). The user had mentioned that his friend owns CBD Ethics and that one of their best selling brands is Synergy Extracts. We’re not surprised to see this as they are a great brand.


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