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Updated October 11th, 2021

As CBD Oil enthusiasts, we love to interact on a number of UK-based CBD oil forums (we won't tell you our username though, it's a bit embarrassing). On our frequent internet travels looking up information about CBD, we come across a number of UK CBD Oil forums which we think are pretty great and have a tone of valuable unbias reviews and information, so we decided to outline what we believe to be the best forums for the CBD community in the UK.

We have become CBD connoisseurs over the years and know all the best places to find information and see reviews. If you are here and need some unbias recommendations then before you check out the best CBD forums, you can also see our recommendations right here!

Here is the overview of the best CBD forums (it's worth saying that there actually isn't too many forums out there currently, so we tried our best):

CBD UK Reddit forum

Reddit is a fantastic website that we are huge fans of, and the CBD community on Reddit is thriving. For anyone based in the UK, there is actually a great subreddit dedicated to CBD in the UK, called /r/CBD_UK. It has a great selection of questions, news and general updates about CBD. It's also very active, with comments and posts being published every day and over 1000 subscribers, most of which are actually based in the UK. We love this CBD forum and would say it's probably the best place to hang out if you're interested in chatting to other people online based in the UK about CBD! You can also check out some of the other subreddits about topics related to CBD, such as the best CBD threads on /r/uktrees.


Other CBD Oil UK forums to check out:


We've got profiles on all of these forums and highly recommend them if you'd like to learn more about CBD oil, or information about Cannabis in general. A fair few of them are dedicated to the cannabis plant, rather than CBD oil but that works perfectly fine! They're all international forums but they also have a large UK presence. Enjoy!

Why should you check out forums about CBD oil?

The main reason you should check out forums like this is because they're full of real people discussing their experiences with CBD oil, and they're great places to find honest conversations about the best CBD brands and products you should try.



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